How to get XP on Oaziz Discord server?
Oaziz DAO
September 1st, 2022

As most of you already know, we announced the XP system on our Discord server just a few weeks ago. And I hope all of you know that we announced an airdrop of our NFT collections where XP allows you to get additional NFTs. As we see plenty of new faces in our Discord, it's important to remind you how to get XP on Oaziz Discord server.

You'll get XP for:

  • Writing a message

  • Introducing yourself

  • Publishing your meme

  • Publishing your art

  • Inviting new members to our Discord server

  • Finding a bug on our website

  • Adding events to our calendar

Those simple actions will boost your XP and may let you become Oaziz Legend!

So, good luck, everyone! But before that:

Check out our first Oaziz Legends comic, Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home and Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home Premium collections and participate in our airdrop!

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