Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home NFT collection + Airdrop!

Oaziz is happy to introduce our NFT collections: Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home and Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home Premium.

Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home is an NFT collection by Oaziz DAO — a Web3 ecosystem for events.

Many crypto projects hold NFT airdrops upon launching their products. Still, there is a slight difference in how we see this and all of our further airdrops — we want to tell you a fascinating, beautiful and entertaining story of how we are building a Web3 project and transforming the events space from Web2 to Web3. And this airdrop will be an excellent start for the series of stories from Oaziz.

Our story introduces you to Ottomakan, a small centipede living peacefully with his tribe.

Everything changes when the giant toad named Webtoa comes to their village and destroys it. Otto and his family survive and escape from the village, starting to look for a mysterious Oaziz, a place where they can live peacefully and build a new home, but greedy dictator Vebtou is constantly chasing them and doesn’t want them to find and build Oaziz…

This story is about how it all starts; about leaving old traditions behind and building a new way of living.

This story can sometimes step far away from reality, but it still conveys a piece of our soul.

Oaziz team, which has just recently gathered to work on a new project together, already feels like a close-knit family ready to face the new challenges together.

Oaziz Legends: Pathway Home Premium is a special edition of our primary NFT collection. So, while everyone has a chance to collect full comics, a complete premium edition is designed to be a holy grail for collectors!

Follow the link to read a full comic about Otto adventures!


We are pleased to invite you to participate in our airdrop:
So how to get free NFTs?

  1. Join the whitelist – provide your Discord @nickname, email, and Polygon wallet address.
    Whitelist link: https://oaziz.xyz/whitelist

  2. Farm XP by inviting your friends, adding events to our calendar, and being active on our Discord channel. The more XP you gain, the more NFTs you get during the drop.
    Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/sjtUA9SKNF

  3. Join Oaziz Discord channel and stay tuned for more challenges, bonuses, and drops coming soon.

  4. Visit Oaziz Ticketing Release Special Event on Sep 12 to get another extra NFT from our Premium collection.

  5. Become an Oaziz OG! Our OGs will also be rewarded with an extra NFT from Premium Collection.

On Sep 12, the whitelist will be closed. On the same day, we will hold a special event dedicated to our new product. Each participant in this event will also receive their own NFT. So, if you’re an event organizer and want to take your event to a new level – contact us and leave your application for our presentation.

What if I collect the entire collection?

Everyone who manages to gather the entire collection will receive special bonuses. We will announce them later, but believe me - they are worth it.

When I’ll get an NFT?

NFTs distribution process will start on Sep 14. Starting from that date, our lucky winners will start receiving their tokens.

Join the whitelist, tell your friends about Oaziz, and good luck!

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