Introduction to RLY Network and our new Website

tldr: RLY Network has relaunched a new website, we help developers easily launch token economies using RLY Protocol, this is the start of our journey together

Today, we’re delighted to introduce the redesigned RLY Network website, a hub of information and resources for developers seeking to seamlessly build token economies at scale and unlock economic benefits.

The website houses documentation, news, and a wealth of information about the RLY Network—a flourishing ecosystem of apps and dapps that use the RLY Protocol or the RLY Token to power their tokenized economies. The Network is a thriving community composed of developers, influencers, and entrepreneurs with a diversity of pursuits—from creator economy apps, social networks, gaming apps, established brands, and to NFT projects.

You’ll find the simple brand identity is rather unique in the web3 market. The colors, subdued and calm, are unique compared to the lit cyber-neon style that has prevailed in many web3 projects. Our scalable token economies are reflected in the ever-changing and ever-expanding dimensional droplets. Our language aims to be simple, accessible and welcoming to the developer community.

About Us: RLY Network Association

We are the RLY Network Association, a Swiss-based, non-profit organization that exists to support these exciting ventures. We’re responsible for the growth and development of the RLY Protocol—the permissionless, open-source, multi-chain, no-fee blockchain technology that allows developers to launch tokens, and immediately obtain price discovery and liquidity using our token bonding curves. We also manage the RLY community treasury, a fund dedicated to supporting the RLY Network’s future growth by distributing RLY Rewards to growing economies.

Third-party developers/companies that launch a token economy using RLY Protocol are part of the broader RLY Network.

Our history and expansion

Our origins can be traced to 2018 when Rally was founded. Over the next two years, the first app,, experimented with a variety of tokenized creator products before focusing on social tokens—branded tokens that allow creators and their communities to build their own economies. In 2021,, the first social app for creator economies, launched in alpha and quickly achieved strong growth while uncovering a wide variety of use cases.

In August 2021, the broader community approved a proposal to decentralize and expand and rename to the RLY Network. The proposal determined that the technology powering would be brought to market and dubbed the RLY Protocol. Additionally, the proposal devised the formation of several separate entities:, focused on creator economies for the U.S.;, focused on creator economies for Asia; the RLY Ecosystem DAO, dedicated to funding early-stage Web3 dapps and ecosystem development;, a Web3 venture studio; and, of course, the RLY Network Association.

The RLY Protocol is multi-chain, with support for Ethereum and Solana, and uses RLY token, an ERC-20 token, and sSRLY, an SPL token. The Protocol provides the foundation for a growing number of tokenized social apps, starting with, then, along with venture studio which has brought many projects to market including Taki, a tokenized social network; Hotline, a tokenized creator communications platform; Joyride tokenized games, and Gambit, a tokenized fantasy sports platform, among many other projects that are launching. Developers from any project can instantly access the permissionless RLY Protocol to build their own app, on Rly.Network.

Our mission: A better internet

We, the RLY Network Association believe in a future internet where the community can govern, build, and share in the financial rewards of the internet they are helping to build. We believe that economic incentives should be aligned between app creators and their communities for sustainable business models.

RLY Protocol makes this vision attainable by making it easy to build Web3 social applications in which users can create their own social tokens; simplifying the economic complexity of managing multiple tokens; and by providing immediate liquidity to new social applications.

This website helps developers launch their own token economies

Our new website is home to our Developer Resources, a collection of guides that provide in-depth assistance to developers seeking to build with the permissionless RLY Protocol. Learn how to easily create tokens, initialize token bonding curves, swap tokens on the bonding curve, and more in only a few steps.

Likewise, you can find updates about the latest developments across the RLY Network under the News tab. Seeking information about something in particular? Choose from a list of curated topics, including Network news, Case studies, Industry news, Apps, Events, and Dapps. You’ll also find announcements about upcoming RLY Network events.

We will be adding new sections to this website for events, community, partnerships, and more, which will be accessible from the top persistent nav, so please come back to visit us.

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us on Twitter, Discord, or at

Photos credits on landing page: Annie Spratt, Shubham Dhage.

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