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RLY Network Association

RLY Network Association

An ecosystem of tokenized consumer apps, all powered by RLY Protocol. Learn more at https://rly.network/
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RLY Rewards: Earn Tokens & Bootstrap Growth In All Market Conditions

RLY Rewards offer developers the opportunity to earn tokens as their token economy grows—spurring further app growth in the process, learn more in the Developer Resources Section on RLY Rewards.
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RLY Protocol powers the Token Economies for RLY Network

RLY Network is a growing ecosystem of consumer applications which leverage token economies, all powered by RLY Protocol. The Network boasts a flourishing community that comprises developers, influential creators, and entrepreneurs of all stripes, pursuing projects that span a spectrum of sectors.
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New White Paper: RLY Network v2

The new White Paper will be added here soon, please return to this post, and or signup for our newsletter on the footer of rly.network
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Our Token Economies in Social, Gaming, Loyalty, and More

In recent years, friction between developers of traditional Web2 applications and their communities has steadily become palpable. Users lament ad-based business models which interrupt their experience, the misuse of their data, one-sided financial rewards, and the inability to participate in governance. These issues are symptoms of a larger problem—incentive misalignment between developers and their communities.
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Introduction to RLY Network and our new Website

RLY Network has launched a new website and brand, we help developers easily launch token economies using RLY Protocol.