RLY Protocol powers the Token Economies for RLY Network

RLY Network is a growing ecosystem of consumer applications which leverage token economies, all powered by RLY Protocol. The Network boasts a flourishing community that comprises developers, influential creators, and entrepreneurs of all stripes, pursuing projects that span a spectrum of sectors.

Among these are: Rally.io and Unite.io, creator economy apps for the US and Asia, respectively; Taki, a tokenized social network for Asia; Hotline, a tokenized creator communications platform; Joyride, a tokenized platform for game creators; and Gambit, a tokenized fantasy sports platform, along with many other projects that will soon come to market. 
**Developers from any project can instantly access the permissionless, open source, no-fee, multi-chain RLY Protocol to build their own app, on Rly.Network. The Protocol takes the guess-work out of building tokenized economies, providing developers with a seamless experience and benefits from powerful network effects fostered by RLY Network. Below, we explore its core features.

Above: RLY Protocol enables developers to easily launch Token Economies.
Above: RLY Protocol enables developers to easily launch Token Economies.

Align Incentives With Your Community Developers can ensure that they’re in-step with their community by leveraging RLY Protocol’s Incentive Alignment features. Our native ERC-20 token, RLY token, has a fixed supply of 15 billion tokens which will be released over the course of 8 years. Approximately 50% of the RLY supply has been allocated to automated rewards for RLY Network contributors, meaning developers can easily secure financial value from their work. Grants from RLY Network Association and RLY Ecosystem DAO, a fund dedicated to supporting RLY Network, are also available.

Likewise, the Protocol will offer Wallet Scoring, which will index and aggregate wallet-level token flows and app usage. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get upcoming announcements for this feature.

Launch Tokens With Instant Pricing & Liquidity
RLY Protocol offers Token Bonding Curves—mathematical formulas that define the relationship between a token’s supply and asset price—to provide instant price discovery, immediate liquidity, and nurture network effects. Likewise, developers can take advantage of our token design templates and libraries, which contain illustrative token economic designs based on RLY Network project launches. These resources contain guidance on topics such as navigating liquidity fragmentation and the effective use of both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Earn RLY Rewards to Grow your App
RLY Network believes in aligned incentives between members of the ecosystem. RLY Protocol offers builders the opportunity to earn RLY Rewards: RLY tokens sent to the wallet of the developer when the token economy of the app is growing. These earnings can be used to fund future growth of the app, fund operating costs, or to share with community members, the choice is up to the developer. Entrepreneurs can earn rewards from RLY Protocol, without giving away equity in a fundraising event.

Make Your Vision Multi-chain RLY Protocol makes use of popular token bridges to enable developers to bring RLY to their preferred chain via canonical wrappers. Likewise, RLY Protocol offers chain-specific modifications to RLY, Token Bonding Curves, RLY Rewards computations, and Wallet Scoring. Developers can also benefit from Swap Routing—efficient trade execution across multiple on-chain liquidity pools for tokens bonded to RLY via Token Bonding Curves.

RLY Protocol In Action: the Growing RLY Network RLY Protocol has already been applied to a variety of use cases, including the creator economy, social networks, fantasy sports, messaging platforms, loyalty programs, and games.

Above: RLY Network is powered by RLY Protocol token economy software suite, a multi-chain, permissionless, no-fee, open-source protocol for developers.
Above: RLY Network is powered by RLY Protocol token economy software suite, a multi-chain, permissionless, no-fee, open-source protocol for developers.

The RLY Network is steadily growing as communities across a range of industries seek better incentive alignment, more ownership, and the ability to participate in governance, including in: social apps, SoFi, media and entertainment, NFT communities, metaverse apps, and many more.

Ready to join us? Check out our white paper to learn how RLY Protocol can power your next venture, or start building in our Developer Resources section

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