In the Web3.0 era,explore distributed storage Crust ecological map

Yesterday, we were honored to have Crust global marking lead Ludwig Trappe share with us at the IPFSNEWS.The theme of this event is "In the Web3.0 era,explore distributed storage Crust ecological map". The activity is mainly divided into two parts, formal questions and free questions.The details are as follows:(Formal questions)

1、What is the development progress of the Crust developer community in Q4, and what are the main problems to be solved?

Crust Network mainly carried out some application layer development in Q4, such as launching NFT platform Switch Swap and a easy-to-use app -- Files. It mainly optimizes the storage experience of using Crust Network, and establishes a foundation for Crust to cooperate with other ecosystems and develop the community. On Protocol Layer, the mainnet upgraded the cross-chain storage module xStorage, adapted to Polkadot’s latest XCM-VM cross-chain protocol.On Application Layer, we integrated switchswap and IPFSScan. At the same time in Q4,we plan to participate in the Polkadot slot auction.

The weekly technical reports and latest achievements of Crust can be viewed in our medium.

2、For an Internet user, can personal data storage requirements be safely stored in the Crust Network? What tools are there to recommend?

Compared with the centralized traditional cloud solutions, Crust Network has the advantage of convenience, cheapness, speed, privacy and decentralization. For example by using our decentralized network your data becomes immutable and cant be lost or tampered with. Crust recently launched a new product called Crust Files.

There is no registration needed. Users can sign in with Crust /Polkadot /Metamask /Moonbean /Near /Flow /Solana /Elrond wallet to enjoy storing files in a Web3 style. And the best: It is totally free.

In the Files interface, you can choose to upload a file or folder. Afterwards you can retrieve and access your files anywhere and anytime. If it is a video, you can also copy and share the link to watch it online.

3、If developers want to participate in the Crust ecosystem, what are the requirements? Is there a corresponding support plan? What are the application conditions?

Crust welcomes developers to join as well as community volunteers at any time. For detailed plans, please refer to:

Crust Grants (

Crust Gitcoin Dev Bounty (

Crust Ecosystem Growth Program (

For different participants, we will have different requirements and rewards.

4、As far as we know, Crust and Near have recently reached a cooperation. What help can Crust bring to the Near ecosystem?

Crust partners with NEAR Protocol to introduce practical, powerful, and user-friendly IPFS-based decentralized storage solution packages to NEAR users and developers. Crust Network fundamentally provides a package of comprehensive decentralized storage solutions for both Web3.0 end users and developers. Files, Pins and Hosts all together make a rather complete portfolio for any end users and developers in the Web3.0 world to enjoy easy integration of decentralized storage. In the close future, Files, Pins and Hosts will be totally free of charge for NEAR users. In the long-term, there will be a dedicated smart contract for placing storage orders directly from on-chain.

5、Crust launched Crust Files , which supports end-to-end encrypted storage, and supports multiple Web3 account logins, especially 

Polkadot/Kusama/Moonbeam/Ethereum/Near/. So what are the advantages of Files?

Crust Files is a Web3.0 decentralized IPFS storage application and helps you to easily store your personal files on IPFS via Crust's decentralized storage network.

More Detailed Features can be:

1)Multi-Wallet Access, Web3.0 Identity

2)End-to-end File Encryption

3)Share Links to Friends

4)Long-term IPFS Storage with Replicas Worldwide

5)Retrieve Anywhere & Anytime

6)Open-source, Decentralized-hosted

Crust Files also supports multi-wallets as Web3.0 identity to sign-in the application and use its Web3.0 Auth IPFS Gateway & Web3.0 Auth Crust Pinner.In this way, the threshold for use of all the above ecological users is extremely low. Crust is constantly expanding its community in this way.

6、In the recent NFT and metaverse are very popular, does Crust have any preparations for the NFT sector?

In order to better connect to the metaverse, Crust has upgraded its nodes. And for the development of the NFT ecosystem, the pins service was launched. It is a simple Web3.0 application that decentralizes pins for any given CID (IPFS Content ID) to IPFS for long-term storage. Pins are especially beneficial to NFT users and NFT-related application developers because Pins solve the critical problem of making NFTs’ metadata permanent on the web.

Now Crust also cooperates with multiple NFT projects like:

1)NFT Protocol - RMRK

2)Minting & Trading platform - SwitchSwap

3)Metadata Storage - Bluna & Uniart & NFTScan

Looking forward to more NFT projects cooperating with Crust!

Free question

1、How to carry out CRU's subsequent market route and international promotion?

To address the international market Crust continuously extends its team and network in these markets. We are building an ambassador program and many exciting marketing activities to educate users about Crust Network and to increase Crusts awareness and reach.

2、In most projects, user experience is a very important issue. Especially for new users, what efforts have you made?

We put lots of focus on building simple, intuitive and easy to use applications. With our files app for example you can store your files as easy or even easier than you would using Dropbox or google drive without the need of "interacting" with complicated blockchain processes.

3、How will CRU. CSM exert its power in the future?

CRU and CSM are having many utilities and use cases within our ecosystem, Our mainnet token CRU for example is used for staking in our GPoS mechanism, it is used to pay for storage services, for on-chain governance voting, as collateral for storage providers or to pay rewards to miners.

4、The homogeneration between the project and the project is getting more serious, and the inner roll causes unhealthy competition in the industry. Differentiation innovation is the best way to seek breakthroughs. If there are other projects copy your same mechanism, do you haveAre you self-confidence that there is no advantage?

Well, other projects like Filecoin utilize IPFS in combination with blockchain technology as well but there are many advantages Crust holds over Filecoin. For example Crust uses local TEE for its MPoW mechanism which doesnt need expensive and energy consuming GPU power.This will enable Crust to provide lower storage costs in the long-run. Also Crust is more decentralized than Filecoin cause we dont relay on a super noder architecture and dont need centralized servers to bridge between our protocol to IPFS like Filecoin does.

5、What applications can be deployed to the Crust network based on its current development stage?

There are many application that already are build on Crust and can be build on crust: Some example for use cases are fully decentralized NFT marketplaces, Hosting of homepages and dApps, video and audio streaming platforms, file sharing services, all kind of storage application and you even can run the metaverse on Crust.

6、Does your project have potential, give a reason why I should choose your project, not for the short term, but for the long term?

There are many application that already are build on Crust and can be build on crust: Some example for use cases are fully decentralized NFT marketplaces, Hosting of homepages and dApps, video and audio streaming platforms, file sharing services, all kind of storage application and you even can run the metaverse on Crust.

Cloud storage and cloud services is a huge market. Almost 50% of all businesses data already is stored in the cloud and this ration is still climbing. With the development of web3 we will see growing need for a truly decentralized infrastructure to store data and run applications on.

7、What is business model of your project? How it works? And who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting on?

Our customers and users can be from both, the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 ecosystem. "Customers" can directly use Crust and build their own applications to sell services build on Crust to others.

8、What is good for the cru project team if the card slot auction is successful?

We are joining the polkadot slot auction for the 2nd batch and like any other projects hope to win a slot. We already are integrated with many other chains like ETH, BSC, Polygon, Near, Elrond, Flow, Heco to provide our solutions for and therefore are not as dependent on a slot as maybe other projects would be.

9、Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with your project ?

Our protocols are audited and open source and can be audited by everyone. Also we use IPFS encryption and even build additional security layers on top to secure and guarantee the integrity of user data. We also distribute many replicas over our network that data cant be tampered with and cant be lost by single point of failure.

Thank you again for being a guest of us in your busy schedule.Stay tuned for more information.

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