Explore the mystical FINX VALLEY

The long waited for the FINX Valley is finally over. With the explosion of interest in NFTs, it’s no surprise that many new marketplaces have emerged. However, what sets FINX apart from the rest is its focus on providing a user-friendly platform accessible to everyone, including artists, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Explore the Magical Universe of FINX

FINX is a metaverse city built by the community for the community. It physically represents the project’s past, present, and future. It offers FINX Genesis NFT holders the opportunity to explore the efforts and progress of the project in a tangible way.

Moreover, the world is very detailed with a few easter eggs here and there. There’s so much going on in this world, we have to unpack.

Aeternum Pond

Long ago, in the heart of FINX Valley, a meteor struck the earth, creating a deep crater. Over time, rainwater filled the crater, creating a mystical pond. The locals called it the Aeternum Pond, and it’s said that the waters possess magical properties.

According to the legend, the meteor that created the pond was sent by the gods as a gift to the people of the valley. The meteor was imbued with divine powers, and when it struck the earth, it created a portal to the spirit world.

The residents of FINX Valley, FINEX call themselves to live a self-sufficient life, resourcing everything they need from the Aeternum Pond, which is the heart and soul of the FINX Valley.

Cottage of Serenity

The cottage of Serenity was a peaceful and serene abode situated at the heart of FINX Valley, surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers. It was home to the wizard, Eira, a kind-hearted and gentle soul who had lived in the valley all her life.

Eira spent most of her days tending to her garden, which was filled with an array of plants and herbs that she used to make medicinal remedies for the residents of FINX Valley. She was well-known for her magical abilities, and people from far and wide would come to her for her expertise.

Origin of Xyrica

Xyrica, the exquisite butterfly-like Genesis NFT of FINX, is a true representation of the platform’s vision and values. Just like the FINX logo, Xyrica exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a must-have for NFT collectors and enthusiasts.

But Xyrica is more than just a beautiful digital collectable. It symbolises FINX’s commitment to being accessible to users worldwide. Butterflies are known for their presence, and there are butterflies wherever there are living beings. Similarly, FINX aims to be available to users globally, making NFTs accessible to everyone.


Nestled in the serene Aeternum pond, Anyx is a hardworking and industrious species living in harmony alongside the FINEX. Proud builders of their own kingdoms, the Anyx ecosystem is made up of four integral roles -

The Queen — leader of the armies and protector of the land,

The Jester — who brings joy and entertainment to the Anyx people,

The Plague Doctor — the fierce defender of the kingdom and its inhabitants,

The Peasant — the diligent working class, ensuring the smooth functioning of the ecosystem.

Each role is essential to the well-being of Anyx and their co-existence is vital for nurturing the land of FINEX.

Introducing Anyx — the latest NFT that is soon to be launched by FINX. Collectors can now own a piece of the vibrant Anyx ecosystem and become a part of their world. Every Anyx NFT is unique and represents a specific role within the kingdom. Collectors can choose to hold on to their NFTs or trade them on FINX’s secure and transparent marketplace. More features of the Anyx NFT will be announced soon! Make sure you stay tuned to FINX’s latest announcement!

How to Get Involved

If you’re a collector looking to buy NFTs on FINX, you can browse the marketplace and search for the type of artwork that interests you. Once you find something you like, you can purchase it using a cryptocurrency such as Ethereum. FINX charges a small fee for each transaction, but they are transparent about their fees and don’t have any hidden charges.


As an NFT collector or enthusiast, owning Xyrica is a valuable addition to your collection and a testament to your support for FINX’s mission. With FINX’s secure and transparent marketplace, you can trade your Xyrica NFT with other collectors or hold onto it as a valuable asset.

About FINX Global

FINX is a Web3 organisation that is aimed at enabling seamless crypto & fiat wallet experience, bridging cryptocurrencies with the world by integrating digital assets into the global financial system allowing digital payments that are accepted globally.

FINX is focusing on making crypto and fiat financing easy by enabling users to send, receive, store and spend their crypto however they want it, anywhere they want it, within the FINX ecosystem.

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