FINX x Finxeed: $200,000 Fully Funded Trading Account

FINEX, here’s the good news for you — With our partnership with Finxeed, we are able to secure extra benefits for our members! Before this, let’s understand what’s Finxeed.

What is Finxeed?

Finxeed is a global digital financial services provider with the future in mind. As an organization, their mission lies in leveraging their business and fintech experience to support those who use their services with state-of-the-art technologies and initiatives.

One of their main efforts is the STOT Programme, where both new and experienced traders can sign up to take on a cryptocurrency trading challenge. Participants have specific trading objectives to meet during the duration of the programme.

If they successfully meet these objectives and pass the verification stage of the challenge, they will have the opportunity to trade funded accounts with a balance of up to $200,000, with additional increments of up to $2 million available through the STOT Programme Scaling Plan.

Full details of Finxeed here: Finxeed Launches Initiatives for the Development of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Trading Communities | by Finxeed | Nov, 2022 | Medium

What Benefits can FINX members get from this partnership?

To sign up for the STOT programme, users will normally have to pay a $99 registration fee initially, however, FINX members will be entitled for a full refund once you passed all the verification stage!

Not only that, this initial $99 fee will also cover everything from support from resources such as education material, account analysis specialists and performance coaches, as well as STOT community membership and a complimentary online trading course.

With this Partnership, FINX has agree to give our members additional rewards such as @finxeed role in Discord, where users with this role will have a chance to earn FINX Token when you successfully register through the link below!


By participating in STOT programme, Finxeed hopes to discover and educate talented traders and build a healthy trading talent pool.


If you are a trader, do not miss this chance as you will have the ability to trade a funded accounts of $200,000 size account once you passed the STOT exam!

The STOT registration fee is only $99 (when you sign up with FINX link) with full coverage of supports and exams, and also comes with a discount and free FINX Token when you sign up with our link below. We believe FINX do have traders within our community, so join this program today and have your talents unleashed!


About FINX Global

FINX is the future of finance that aims to promote digital asset payments into the financial system, enabling seamless digital payments that are accepted globally.

As a result, FINX will put an end to the intensive process of crypto-to-fiat conversion by providing a platform to the global audience that enables anyone from anywhere across the world to seamlessly transact and participate in the world of digital assets conveniently and faster than before. This vision will therefore enable the world to better understand cryptocurrencies and digital assets, fueling mass adoption.

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