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It’s been awhile, FINEX!

With new year started, we will be officially kickstarting the pre-heat of the 4th Phase Airdrop Event this Monday (16th Jan) so get your chatty self-ready as this pre-heat will require you to chat and communicate with the rest of the community!

The FINX 4th Phase OFFICIAL event — Learn 2 Earn, will take place on the end of Jan 2023, and we will be announcing the full event details soon.

However, to kick-start this new event, we are having a pre-heat of the 4th Phase Airdrop Event — FINX Chat Contest! The Pre-heat event duration will take place from 16th Jan 2023 until the start of the official event.

We have previously done a pre-heat chat like this, and the rule is simple — all you need to do is do what you already do best — chat and reconnect back with other FINEX members to gain chat level and stand a chance to win FINX tokens!

For the purpose of this pre-heat event, the chat level in discord will be reset and the chat level rewards will be set as follows:

Chat Level rewards

For this round of Pre-heat contest, there will be 4 levels that will unlock your ability to join the raffle. The levels are level 8, level 10, level 11, and level 12. For each level unlocked, you will be able to access a private room, where the giveaway will be held on a specific date as below:

The dates are as follows:

In order to gain access to these rooms, you will have to achieve the specified level before the date mentioned above. Therefore, if you, for example, achieve Level 8 on 22 January, the giveaway will be ended, but you might still be able to access Level 10 room if you manage to upgrade your chat level to Level 10 before 24th January.

However, if you achieve Level 12 before 22 January, you will be guaranteed access to all 4 private channels and join all the giveaway!

Rewards will be distributed after this Pre-Heat event ended. More info on the distribution will be announced soon!

It’s also important to know that the chat level will be preserved till the airdrop event started. This means that if you end the pre-heat event at level 15, you will start the ACTUAL Airdrop event at level 15, giving you a head start compared to those who only joined on the main event!

Before we leave you to prepare, we would like to highlight that a lot of our FINEX members who participated in the last round have gained rewards and tokens, so we definitely encourage you to join this pre-heat event!

We look forward to seeing you in our chat room!


  • No spamming allowed, including copy-pasting or ingenuine conversation, etc. We value real conversations and interactions between our community members.

  • What considered as spam:

  1. Sending context with no actual meaning
  2. Repeat sending same message from your previous reply
  • Our Mod will continuously monitor every conversation. If we deem your conversation as spam, we have the right to either remove your xp or ban you from the server (if your spamming actions continue). The Mod’s decisions are final so make sure you make genuine, meaningful conversations.

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