Frahm 2023 Outlook

2022 marked the inception of Frahm. We went from idea to vision to product. Encouraged by positive feedback from early supporters, we set out in pioneering a new category in the digital art space. Building the Metaverse Frame Maker. In this process, we keep on learning each day. 

Why Frahm?

Our mission is to give creators, collectors, and galleries the frames they deserve. Their brilliance must also serve that of the art they encase. Most galleries and exhibitions will exist and take place virtually in the future. As a result, the amount of art consumption in the digital sphere will be 100x the exposure of the physical world. When you’re spending a significant amount of time, energy, and capital, you want a space which reflects that value.

Launching Frahm Genesis

Our highlight last year was launching the Frahm Genesis collection – the first 3D digital frame collection based on generative art. Each Genesis frame is an unique piece of art crafted by a generative art algorithm. Our very first collection had to be something truly unique which could stand the test of time.

The first Platform for 3D digital frames

To succeed in our mission and frame the metaverse, Frahm would need a strategic, long-term approach. We accomplish this by building the first platform for designing, collecting, and selling 3D digital frames. 

With the launch of our Frame Development Kit (FDK), we have reached a first major milestone in building a platform around 3D digital frames. Anybody can become a gallerist in the metaverse. Now, we are democratizing the digital frame creation process so anybody can become their own frame maker.

2023 Outlook

We have exciting things planned in 2023. While the general market environment might not be favorable, we are able to continue building the core of our platform and create a strong foundation for future growth.

Frahm Galleries

Next to the FDK, our very own Frahm Galleries will be a core pillar of our platform. Frahm Galleries will provide a new way to exhibit, and experience framed digital art. While we are working on integrating our frames into 3rd party virtual galleries and environments, it is important to give our users a space to showcase their 3D digital frames in the best light.

Framed photograph by Michael Boege
Framed photograph by Michael Boege

FDK frames and features

The FDK is at the core of the frame creation process and will continuously evolve with new features and versions. This includes innovating new base frame styles. We have our idea backlog filled with exciting styles to push the boundaries in interpreting frames in virtual environments in a new context. Moreover, there many features planned to optimize the experience in the FDK and support other blockchains for tokenization beyond Ethereum.

Frahm integrations

Our vision for Frahm is to be a horizontally integrated platform. We believe that in specializing in the art of 3D digital frames, we eventually will be able to set the standard for frames in the digital world. Looking at other examples of successful horizontally integrated platforms, Ready Player Me represents a north star in that respect.

This means that we will build out elements of the FDK as Application Programming Interface (API) to allow 3rd party developers to integrate our frames in their apps. First discussions with potential partners our underway. Building the right APIs will be a learning process and continuously improved together with our partners.

Getting frames out in the wild

While we have been focused on structuring Frahm internally over the last months, we can now shift our energy towards framing the metaverse. We accomplish this by building high-end showcases and framing exceptional art with our Frahm Exclusives collection and launching special frame collections in limited supply with partners. Beyond that, we are looking forward to onboarding more artists and collectors to the FDK and offer custom framing services to gallery owners.     

Bridging from virtual to physical   

Looking at ways to combine the virtual and physical world will be an exciting new path we will explore as well. There are different options and approaches to be considered. These range from applications of augmented reality (AR) of our frames to 3D printing to working with traditional frame makers and woodworkers.

2023 will be a busy year for us. We are grateful to our early supporters and looking ahead to jointly frame the metaverse.

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