Frahm raises pre-seed round to frame the Metaverse

When we started exploring the digital art landscape in 2022, it seemed clear that NFTs and the metaverse will change the way we experience digital art.

It was also clear that the virtual world was still lacking premium 3D digital frames. While significant time, energy and capital is spent to create, collect, and experience digital art, custom framing options in virtual galleries remain non-existent.

Building the Metaverse Frame Maker

Frahm is the first platform for 3D digital frames. We are pioneering a new category in digital art by bringing traditional craftsmanship to the digital frame.

Our mission is to give creators, collectors, and galleries the frames they deserve. Their brilliance must also serve that of the art they encase.

With the launch of our Frame Development Kit (FDK), we reached a first major milestone in building a platform around 3D digital frames. Anybody can become a gallerist in the metaverse. Now, we are democratizing the digital frame creation process so anybody can become their own frame maker.


To support our development of Frahm, Stuko Labs - the design studio behind Frahm - raised a pre-seed investment round led by Zero Gravity Capital. 

We are thrilled to have an established venture capital fund believing in our team and vision at an early stage. Zero Gravity Capital offers significant support, an expert network, and an excellent bridge between Web2 and Web3. 

A Frahm Sim City style frame displaying Dumbo by Michael Boege
A Frahm Sim City style frame displaying Dumbo by Michael Boege

What’s next?

We will go on building Frahm as the leading platform around designing, collecting, and selling 3D digital frames. This includes introducing new features and capabilities to the FDK, developing our own APIs for 3rd party integrations, and launching our own Frahm Galleries to highlight digital art from new perspectives.

Beyond technically developing our core technology stack, we will engage stronger with our community, support more digital artists, launch innovative frame editions, and work with meaningful projects in the digital art landscape.

We are looking forward to building with you.

Learn more about Frahm and explore what we do on

Start designing your own 3D digital frame with our FDK.


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