Launching Frahm Gallery

We are excited to launch the Frahm Gallery app!

While significant time, energy, and capital is spent to create and collect digital art, the means to experience it does not reflect that value yet.

Now, Frahm Gallery is providing a new and unique way to elevate the display and experience of fine digital art.

The Frahm Gallery app allows anybody to seamlessly create and publish their own digital art gallery in just a few steps. 1. Upload your art from your wallet or local machine. 2. Adjust the frames and environment. 3. Publish your gallery.

A unique digital art experience

While most galleries are either strictly 2D or a fully immersive metaverse-like experience, Frahm Gallery sets a new path in the middle. We focus on premium close-ups, displaying only a small selection of artworks in a fixed 3D environment that highlights the beauty of your pieces.

Enhance your art with a custom 3D digital frame

Frahm Galleries integrate custom 3D digital frames into the experience. You can enhance your digital art by showcasing it in its own frame. They are multipliers of appeal and value, and create the best experience for viewing and sharing your collection.

Frahm is the first platform for designing your own custom 3D digital frames. You can not only use them in the Frahm Gallery, but also in other virtual galleries such as Oncyber, Spatial and more.

Frahm Gallery app
Frahm Gallery app

The Frahm Gallery app marks the second major milestone in developing our ecosystem. Together with the Frame Development Kit (FDK), we are building a unique digital art platform and establishing 3D custom frames as new category in the space.

Today, we are launching the first iteration of the Frahm Gallery app. With this MVP (minimal viable product), we are comfortable from a design and feature scope to share this product with the community for testing and feedback. Many features are still to come…

Important: this MVP only includes sample frames. You are not able to use Frahm Genesis or minted frames from the FDK yet. This will be implemented in one of the next releases. In this process, we will explore how to make the experience between the FDK and the Gallery app as seamless as possible.

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