Frahm FDK FAQs

This is an overview of frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Where can I find my frame?

After minting, your frame will automatically be added to your wallet in around 30 seconds. Click on “View NFT” after minting to check out your frame on OpenSea. You will also find your frame inside of digital galleries such as Spatial and Oncyber with your connected wallet.

You will be able to find, edit and use your frame with Frahm once our 3D galleries are launched.

Where can I use my frame?

You can use your frame in any digital gallery such as Spatial or Oncyber which allows users to place 3D models (GLB).

In addition, Frahm is launching its own unique 3D galleries soon where you will be able to use the frames to their best potential.

How can I use my frame?

Please see a tutorial on how to use your frame in here. In other digital galleries, the framing process will be similar. Loading the empty frame as NFT or GLB file into the gallery and then manually moving it over the NFT to be framed.

Frahm is launching its own unique 3D galleries soon where you will be able to use the frames in a native experience.

What is FDK Season 1?

FDK Season 1 is the very first collection in the evolution of the FDK. Currently, every minted frame will be added to this collection. In its essence, it will be a co-created collection across all early FDK users. The FDK is still at an early development stage (Alpha). Its design, features and variety of frame styles will experience a rich evolution in the future.

FDK Seasons will be completed and wrapped up with major development milestones over time. This ensures a balance between having a limited collection size and enabling anybody to co-create a specific frame meeting their requirements.

Can I mint for free using my Frahm Genesis frames?

Yes. Tickets are a property of Frahm Genesis frames. The Frahm Genesis Collection is the first 3D digital frame collection based on generative art. Find Tickets on OpenSea by looking at the Properties of each Genesis frame.

By holding a Genesis frame in your connected wallet, you will be able to utilize tickets attached to it and mint any frame style for free in the FDK. After your free mint, we will deduct the respective ticket from your Genesis frame.

Can I create my own frame collection?

It will be possible to create your own frame collection in the future. We want to democratize access to digital frame making and enable anybody to become their own frame maker. Please contact us if you want to create your own collection.

Can I sell my minted  frames?

Yes, you can market and sell your minted frames like any other NFT. You can list your frames on established marketplaces such as OpenSea or LooksRare. Frahm will launch its own marketplace dedicated to digital frames in the future.

Can I create my own frame styles?

It will be possible to create your own frame style in the future. We want to open up the FDK creation process so that any artist or 3D builder can build their own frame designs. Please contact us if you want to create your own frame styles.

Can I only mint my frame on the Ethereum blockchain?

At the moment, we only support the Ethereum blockchain in the FDK. In the future, we will add support for more blockchain networks such as Polygon, Tezos and others.

Can I use the FDK on mobile?

At the moment, the FDK is only supported for desktop usage. We will add support to use the FDK on mobile in the future.

My digital frame looks different on OpenSea?

Our 3D digital frames utilize certain textures and lighting environments which are not supported by OpenSea. For this reason, some frames might look slightly different in their texture, color, and reflection compared to the FDK. Most virtual galleries such as Spatial and Oncyber support the respective environments.

I only see a placeholder image of a wireframe on OpenSea?

Sometimes it can take OpenSea several minutes to update the corresponding metadata of freshly created NFTs. On your individual frame page in OpenSea, please click the button “refresh metadata” in the top-right side and refresh the website.

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