How to convert your vAELIN to AELIN

vAELIN will be convertible to AELIN starting today at 10pm UTC. While this guide has been provided early, the UI will not live until 10pm UTC.

STEP 1: First make sure you’re connected to Optimistic Ethereum. Go to and add Optimistic Ethereum (Chain ID = 10) to your wallet if you are not.

STEP 2: If you have not done so yet, claim your vAELIN.

If you have any vAELIN to claim, they will be shown in the above picture. Claim them from the UI on Optimism.

STEP 2: Approve the vAELIN: AELIN contract to convert your vAELIN to AELIN 1:1

STEP 3: Convert your vAELIN: AELIN from the provided UI

Note: 2% conversion fee when going from vAELIN to AELIN. An additional 2% of vAELIN was distributed to account for this. This protocol level fee has been charged to everyone.

That’s it! You’ve successfully converted your vAELIN to AELIN.

What’s next? Now you can earn juicy staking rewards from your Aelin on Optimism

Stake your AELIN on Optimism (make sure you’re on OP) - Aelin Staking Link

Farm our AELIN/WETH Pool 2 on Optimism - Aelin/WETH Pool 2 Optimism Guide

Bridge your Aelin to L1 - Fast Bridge Aelin to L1 through Celer Guide

Farm our AELIN/ETH Pool 2 on ETH Mainnet - Aelin/ETH Pool 2 Mainnet Guide

We’ll be distributing 50 Aelin for the first 30 days to incentivize this (above) pool, which is approximately $1.9M

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