STARSEED: Star-Making Redefined
June 20th, 2022

We cannot talk about creator economy without creator ownership.

Despite the promise of equitable opportunity for aspiring creators to be discovered and seen; the reality is that Web2 has prevented creators from building a direct connection with their community and made it impossible for true creator ownership to exist. 

Centralized platforms are preoccupied with driving potential customers to advertisers, leaving creators who contribute to their success in the cold. Creators are not getting access, insights, and shared profits for the data they generated, instead, they are treated as disposable commodities. 

Entering STARSEED DAO Ecosystem

With the rise of Web3, powered by blockchain technology, there is now the promise of something better:

The opportunity to reclaim power from the overlord middlemen and give it back to the creators and communities.



STARSEED is the all-in-one ecosystem for creators to build and manage a community they OWN. 

We believe that everyone has the potential to become a creator. It’s our mission to help each individual to unlock their star power and build a direct connection with their community.  

We are a collective of dreamers, makers, and builders committed to the true creator economy with a focus on creator ownership. 

As a creator in Starseed, you can capture your brand value by owning your data and getting paid directly from the community you nurtured.

At Starseed, you are the Studio, the Producer, the Director, the Creator, and most importantly, The Star.

In Web3, stardom and fandom will never be the same again.

Are you ready to join a paradigm shift with us?

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