June 14th, 2022


  • ETH2.0 is a phased release
  • Current merge is only a PoW to PoS move
  • PoS’s primary benefit: No more energy wasted by uncle blocks
  • Planned for 2023: Sharding
  • Sharding is likely to have a huge impact on our development practices
  • Finally: Notes from Consensus 2022 in Austin, Texas (Read below)

Ethereum, the most popular blockchain platform, has been planning a major software update for a long while. This update is known as ETH2.0.

There are a 1000+ articles on what and why about this ETH2.0, but after scanning through them for a day, we figured the current state of our understanding was ‘unconfirmed’. If you are in the same boat, then welcome to our dumb-friendly and easy-to-get-a-grip article on ETH2.0.

June 9th, 2022

12 developers, working together to rapidly develop projects and expand their blockend skills. That's the essence of what WAGMI Squad (WS) is. Its members are composed of people from around the world already, which will ensure a plethora of previous experiences, ideas, and perspectives.

The purpose behind this group is to have a dedicated group of other developers that are working to become competent blockend devs themselves. Smaller teams within the squad form to build portfolio projects and participate in hackathons while collectively providing feedback and support. I thought the name was well fitting with a core belief that we are all going to make it and become blockend developers that can contribute and build the next big web3 projects.

This group is targeted at people early in their journey to become developers building smart contracts, dApps, DAOs, NFT projects, and so much more. Who it's not for, are established developers that have been working in the industry, and that are competent enough to find employment or go full-time DAO anywhere.

Here's an introductory look at where we're at now.

June 4th, 2022

Having completed my first hackathon project, I wanted to take some additional time to look back and reflect on it. Here are my thoughts on my time with the Chainlink Spring 2022 Hackathon.


This project was inspired by our shared interest in video games as well as the article by the Chainlink article "What Is a Dynamic NFT?" from April of 2022. We wanted to provide a template and working demo for other early NFT game builders to take and use themselves in their games or at least show how it could be done.