Future Fund – Your Cashback-Driven DeFi Cashbox

Here it comes – months of preparations have led to this moment. It’s time for you to start managing your future with us. Introducing Future Fund: Your Cashback-Driven DeFi Cashbox.

Future Fund - Your Cashback-driven DeFi Cashbox
Future Fund - Your Cashback-driven DeFi Cashbox

Future Fund is a cashback-driven decentralized cashbox built on blockchain with a robust long-term investment strategy focused on a diversified pool of assets, from blockchain startups and tech companies to more traditional financial instruments, real estate, and renewable energy businesses – all on a global scale. Full compliance with European regulations guarantees that all assets remain safe and secure.

Future Fund is a DeFi (decentralized finance) created by European TradFi (traditional finance) with roots in United Kingdom, Poland, Switzerland, and Estonia. A team of experts in business, finance, and economy came together to offer users around the world a new way of building their long-term savings passively.

Effortless cashbox

As kids we all had our piggy banks. Filling them with coins required effort, time, dedication, and spare change from our parents. As we grew older, piggies evolved into savings accounts or retirement funds allowing third parties – like banks or private funds – to screw us on commissions, fees, or mislead through fineprint footnotes.

The invention of blockchain in 2009 and rapid growth of distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) over the last 5 years made the tech-savvy community realize that there was no need for third parties to meddle with our money. DeFi is the answer.

At Future Fund, we’re creating an effortless cashbox that gradually fills up every day – while you do you. Thanks to our partnerships with a European Union-based banking institution and a number of cashback businesses around the world, our users will be able to generate savings from everyday cashback rewards. Those who save daily can expect considerable returns from dividends and an increase in the value of their savings across the board.

All of this will be available through an intuitive, user-friendly mobile app.

We’re drawing inspiration from honeybees, one of the hardest working creatures on Earth. Their efforts towards a common good made us realize how much can be achieved if we were to apply similar principles. Just like bees collecting nectar from blossoming flowers to make honey, we’re turning cashback rewards into micro-investments that bring profits to all participating users, with blockchain acting as the secure hive.

Photo by Dmitry Grigoriev on Unsplash
Photo by Dmitry Grigoriev on Unsplash

Partnership network

Future Fund is backed by three key organizations based in Europe.

  • Advanced Business Consulting London Group Ltd. is an established European leader in corporate benefits management. The company was founded in 2015 and has offices in two European capitals – London, UK and Warsaw, Poland. Its core business involves offering tailor-made perk packages to employees and employers through its own online storefront.
  • GotIT is a software development house based in Poland offering professional IT services to clients around the world. The company specializes in mobile and desktop app development, as well as blockchain services. Key clients of GotIT include Deloitte Advisory, which has enjoyed its software development outsourcing services since 2017.
  • The third partner is a financial institution and holder of a bank charter, operating on the European market and in the Middle East. At this point in time (April 2022), we are not revealing the name due to on-going formal proceedings. We expect to officially announce this partnership in the coming weeks.

Transparency and compliance

Last but not least, due to the sheer number of ‘gray zone’ projects in the cryptoverse, we want to focus on our fundamental values – compliance, transparency and alignment with existing and incoming legal frameworks for blockchain-based investment projects.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Future Fund will collect peoples’ assets, manage them, invest, offer payouts and dividends – thus our approach has to be pure and we aim to run our business in full compliance with the legal regimes in force within our key markets: the European Union and – in the future – Asia-Pac. It is definitely an involved process. We have spent the last two years preparing for this moment. We have hired the law firm Wardyński i Partnerzy Sp. K. – and couple of other external legal advisors – to provide extensive counsel so we get all the information we need to reach full compliance status. This means that we are:

  1. conducting business based on an agreement with a financial institution which holds a banking charter issued by an EU member state;
  2. running legal assessments of our tokens and have already divided them into a utility and security token for increased transparency;
  3. compliant with current European Commission regulations on blockchain assets, including the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive;
  4. aiming for full compliance with the upcoming Pan-European blockchain regulatory sandbox;

Who are we?

We are business, finance and technology-oriented experts bringing long-time TradFi experience into the DeFi world. Some of us were working for the biggest European banks and financial institutions, while others have experience directly from global blockchain projects, including Ripple Labs Inc. – the American corporation managing XRP, currently the 6th biggest cryptocurrency in the world. Find out who we are @

The coming weeks and months will see us do a comprehensive deep dive into all of the aspects outlined above to explain exactly what we do and how we do it.

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