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Future Fund - Your Cashback-Driven DeFi Cashbox
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The Future of Future Fund

Months of preparations, countless meetings between legal, business and IT teams, tons of analysis and we are finally ready to go public. Here are some milestones we have set for ourselves for 2022.

Future Fund backed by the European leader in benefits management

Future Fund received significant backing from Advanced Business Consulting London Group LTD at USD 2.5M to start developing a new DeFi project based on tokenized cashbacks.

Future Fund – a DeFi solution to current TradFi problems

Future Fund is a cashback-driven decentralized cashbox built on blockchain with a robust long-term investment strategy focused on tech, real estate, and renewable energy businesses on a global scale. Full compliance with European regulations guarantees that all assets remain safe and secure.

Future Fund – Your Cashback-Driven DeFi Cashbox

Future Fund
April 26
Here it comes – months of preparations have led to this moment. It’s time for you to start managing your future with us. Introducing Future Fund: Your Cashback-Driven DeFi Cashbox.
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Future Fund
April 09
Future Fund - Cashback-Driven DeFi Cashbox