Future Fund backed by the European leader in benefits management

Future Fund received significant backing from Advanced Business Consulting London Group LTD at USD 2.5M to start developing a new DeFi project based on tokenized cashbacks.

ABC London Group was established in 2017. The company supplies various businesses with advanced solutions for employee benefit management and its effective accounting. The company takes over processes for contracting services, ordering products, and securing all data for tax purposes. The employee perks that ABC LG manages on behalf of their employers may vary depending on the preferences of each business partner. Typical perks include private health care, long-term car rentals, or smaller benefits employees obtain in line with their position in the company – like sports cards or various types of insurance.

Photo by True Agency on Unsplash
Photo by True Agency on Unsplash

“Due to numerous difficulties related to – for example – accounting issues involved with benefits, especially in the case of B2B contractors, we are the simplest solution available on the European market” – explains Artur Deninis, General Manager of ABC LG.

ABC LG does not reveal its clients publicly due to non-disclosure limitations, but most of them are IT industry leaders due to high number of B2B employees in this sector.

Future Fund

ABC LG provided the seed capital to help launch Future Fund – USD 2.5M. On top of the investment, ABC LG has access to a database of over 320,000 users currently enjoying the benefits system it manages. This userbase will also become the initial userbase for Future Fund along with all the new micro-investors that will join the project in 2022.

“There is no other solution than blockchain for modern companies in the financial sector. That’s why we have decided to make the most significant investment in the history of the company and launch Future Fund as an independent, decentralized finance service” – explains Deninis. “We want to revolutionize the DeFi space by bringing on board innovative ideas and experts who know blockchain and finance inside out.”

What’s next?

With USD 2.5M secured from our key backer, we at Future Fund were able to assemble a team of professionals and aid the projects by bringing prominent experts on board, prepare a detailed ecosystem for the investment vehicle based on tokenized cashback rewards, start developing the MVP, finalize the private sale round, and gather additional investors.

At the moment, we are focused on building our first partnerships within the crypto space, making sure that our business model is fully compliant with European regulations, and planning marketing activities around incoming public sale rounds for early investors.

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