January 6th, 2022

tl;dr: BurgerDAO is a community of food and web3 enthusiasts building the first decentralized burger franchise. Through the $BRGR token, BurgerDAO is trailblazing real world applications of crypto and paving new paths towards a more equitable food industry.

The $BRGR token is a key component of operating BurgerDAO. Beyond managing governance of the DAO through voting mechanisms, the distribution allows for a continuous and self-contained model that incentivizes and rewards key participants and aspects of the restaurant ecosystem (creator, facilitator, and consumer).

To learn more about the overall concept please read this article. The following contains operational details of the DAO and a brief overview of the mechanics of the $BRGR token.

December 23rd, 2021

Building the first chain of decentralized burger restaurants with BurgerDAO.

BurgerDAO is a collection of restauranteurs, entrepreneurs, and web3 enthusiasts who are creating the world’s first decentralized burger chain. It sounds crazy, and that’s part of the reason why we are doing it. You can contribute to the project here if you like our mission (and take back your contribution at any time!). In exchange for your contribution, you will receive governance tokens (more on this later). We did not give tokens to our friends or investors and nothing has been pre-mined. Everyone is on the same playing field. This decentralized burger chain belongs to everyone involved. Join the community in our Discord!

🍔 Why BurgerDAO?

Our team came up with this idea after seeing the success MrBeast’s own burger launch. Instead of one person benefiting from a burger brand, what if a community of people could benefit? This is why we turned to the web3 world to explore this idea further. We realized that through a DAO, this crazy idea could be a reality.