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Game NFT marketplace: the easiest piece of cake to cut from Opensea

IOSG Ventures_EN
September 02
Author: Peter, IOSG Ventures

Zero Knowledge in DiDs and Social Networks

Author: Ishanee, IOSG Ventures

dYdX Is Running Away: The Battle Between Appchain and Rollup


Diving into Data Availability Layer: The Overlooked LEGO of the Modular Future

For light-client data availability, there is little disagreement that erasing codes are used to solve the problem, the difference being how to ensure that the erasing codes are properly encoded. KZG commitments are used in Polygon Avail and Danksharding, while fraud proof is used in Celestia.

The Twilight Zone:The Merge is Near

Last week, a successful merge was achieved on Ropsten testnet, where PoS was officially enabled.

Seaport - the hint of OpenSea tokenization?

On May 21st, OpenSea announced the launch of Seaport - an open-sourced NFT marketplace protocol, attracting lots of attention on Twitter. Some people predict that OpenSea is going to become the Uniswap of NFT, others state that the launch of Seaport can kick off another NFT Summer. I would also like to take this opportunity to address some of the issues regarding Seaport.

Build Web3.0 Social Graph, let's CyberConnect!

We are living in an increasingly connected world. The so-called Web2.0 brings creators and consumers of information together, allowing us to enjoy peer-to-peer interactions on a global scale. However, the Internet we have today is broken. The data architecture is still based on standalone servers, where data is centrally stored and managed. We have no control over our data. A mismatch between a centralized and trust-enhanced Internet and urgent demand for interconnected and user-controllable data stirs up tons of conflicts. We don’t want the social media, e-commerce, or content publishing platforms to dictate all the rules and control our data. Instead, the ownership of data should be given back to us.

How does oracle make Web3 a better place?

Oracle is usually reckoned as the bridge and window of on-chain and off-chain data. In short, oracle is a middleware providing real-world data services for blockchain projects.

Ceramic - Middleware for Web 3.0 Social Applications

BitTorrent might sounds new to many people. But when it comes to downloading "seeds", I'm sure many of you will recall the days when you used to "request seeds" from all over the internet to play games or watch movies. A seed file is an index file that contains metadata such as the location and size of the downloaded file, the address of the download server, and the address of the publisher. In simple terms, BitTorrent is a P2P downloading protocol that is much more efficient than the traditional method of downloading from a web server. To give a straightforward example, back in the days when I was still a student, it was common that we gathered around to copy the homework which was completed by one single classmate. In this way, each student has to do the copy work by themselves with only one hard copy available. The process cannot scale.