The Wilder Nation (IV) The Three-Eyed Wolf & The Cloak of Bones
July 27th, 2022

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According to the Wilder Nation’s ancient legends, thousands of years ago the giant Wolf King and his pack emerged from the forest before wrecking havoc on the surrounding Wilder Tribes and their villages. It is said that the legendary Wolf King could grow to the size of a mountain in the presence of any opponent, and some even claim to have seen a devine third eye upon its temple. One thing that remains true throughout the many versions of this tale, is that countless members of the Wilder Nation perished at the fangs of the Wolf King and his pack. The Wolf King could spot a mouse in the distance from miles away, and could even see in pitch black with its Devine third eye, rendering all ambushes staged by the Wilder Tribe after dark completely ineffective. 

The ancestors of the Wilder Nation thought up a cunning plan to deceive the Wolf King. They made masks and head coverings using the skulls of their people and other animals that had been gnawed to the bone by the wolves, then disguised themselves as carcasses in order to ambush the wolf at the dead of night during a blood red moon. They gingerly  approached the wolf before launching hundreds of spears into the its third eye from underneath their disguises, instantly blinding him. Their remaining spears pierced the wolf’s torso, causing him to howl in agony before retreating to the refuge of the dense forest, pack entail, never to be seen again.  The God of Death was impressed with the Wilder Tribes’ cunning tactics that had earned them triumph in this unprecedented moment which unbeknownst to them, would pave the way for their fate to repeat itself once more in the generations to come.  Since that day onward, the custom of adorning oneself with bones became one of the Wilder Nation’s most universal traditions, interpreted by many as being what allows them to evade the gaze of the God of Death. 

Members of the Wilder Clans often choose to record history of this significant legend through their tattoos and totem engravings, including depictions of the giant wolf and his pack, the three eyed wolf, wolves being attacked by hundreds of spears, the crescent moon, or even human and animal skulls.

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