Awakening of the Legion
June 9th, 2022

“The Awakened” is a title reserved for those who feel a visceral connection with this world so intense that it resonates with the innermost depths of their souls.

Awakening of The Legion”(AOTL) is an epic fantasy themed collection of NFTs that can be awoken through collectors’ psychic connection to the legendary league of powerful warriors trapped within the fantastical realms of “Oro”. Upon awakening the forsaken warriors from their perpetual trance, collectors can use the psychic connection between them to control these awakened warriors — known as “Seekers”— to freely roam and explore the boundless lands of “Oro”, ultimately earning their title as the first group of “Seekers” to have ventured through this whimsical world and restore “Oro” its former prosperity upon their awakening.

“Seekers” have the privilege of being able to freely enter and traverse through the regions of “Oro”, where, alongside their companions, they will complete a series of corresponding tasks in each region, such as exploring their mystifying surroundings, organising crusades, gathering resources, offering sacrifices, undertaking epic adventures and communicating with the plethora of deities inhabiting this world. By working together and relying on the combined forces of their guilds, these “Seekers” can uncover the profound truths veiled throughout every corner of this mysterious land.

A legendary gate leading to this mystical world of “Oro” is about to open for the very first time in history, where 10000 warriors lie trapped in a state of deep slumber, waiting to be awoken. Immerse yourself in the boundless realms of “Oro” to awaken your legion of “Seekers” and become a living legend across the land!

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