Oro #2 "Era of Chaos"
June 29th, 2022

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The vicious cycle of peace and war on Oro was as natural as the shift between night and day on earth. Under the rule of countless deities, the nations of Oro found themselves entrapped in constant conflict with one another. Many of Oro’s deities met their end throughout the course of these relentless wars that seemed to draw out for eons, giving way to the rise and fall of countless nations’ reign.  Oro was but a lone leaf trapped amid the billowing waves of the cosmos, caught in the steel grip of its undulating current as hundreds of deities gazed upon the turmoil unfolding before them. 

“The Great Sealing”  A monumental change eventually befell this fateful world. The once prosperous land of Oro was suddenly sealed away in some inexplicable crevasse of the universe all at once as a tremendous burst of energy broke free from its core. It was as if the entire realm had been frozen in time and space, seemingly trapped by this mysterious curse destined to last for Millenia to come. The voices of the gods had all but been silenced alongside the piercing war cries of Oro’s inhabitants. All they could do was await the day of their eventual awakening.

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