The Wilder Nation (III) The God of Fire
July 27th, 2022

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Like any civilisation living in light after dark, the Wilder Tribes are no exception when it comes to sharing their own legends recounting how their people came to possess the revolutionary gift of fire. It is said that millions of years ago, the Wilder Tribes once lived on vast glacial plains that stretched on for as far as the eye could see. These ancestors of the current Wilder Tribes lived in total darkness after sundown, save for the eternal light of a single, sacred flame burning from atop the peak of the glaciers’ only mountain. This mountain belonged to the God of Fire.

A trio of brothers from the Wilder Nation’s Gurek Clan ventured out to the mountain in order to steal the seeds of fire. The youngest brother was also the most agile of the three. He used the branch of a tree to capture this sacred flame, but ran so fast that by the time he descended to the bottom of the mountain, the flame he had so craftily stolen had already been blown away by the wind. The second eldest brother instead used his cloak to steal the flame, but just as he was about to reach their village, his cloak had all but burnt away to nothing.

The eldest of the three brothers, upon noticing the flame was about to extinguish, set his own hair and eyebrows alight, daring to use his own body as a torch in order to carry this fire down the mountain and back towards their village. The two younger siblings saw that their brother and the flames he bore were on the brink of extinguishing forever, so they too, gave up their bodies to bear the the flames, ultimately giving their lives to bring light to the rest of their village.

This noble sacrifice doused their village in light and deeply moved the God of Fire, who, from that moment on, vowed to protect the Wilder Tribes’ territory throughout all four seasons. He used his powers to thaw the ice and melt the blankets of snow once covering their land, relieving them of the burdensome struggles that came with surviving in such a callous environment. He even gifted the people of the Wilder Tribes with a fiery spirit and white hot willpower, each of which blazed just as fiercely as the heat from his raging flames.

Since that day on, the Wilder Nation pledged their loyalty to the God of Fire, often displayed through their many tattoos of giant burning faces, fire flickering atop the holy mountain, tree branches set aflame, or even depictions of the God of Fire himself, and of course, silhouettes of the three legendary brothers, set ablaze by the flames that brought light to their people.

Legend has it some members of the wilder tribe who have come close to the God of Fire can be spotted by their brilliant hair and fiery eyes, both of which are rumoured to blaze just as brightly as a flickering flame. It is traditional custom for every Tribe of the Wilder Nation to erect a wooden totem that can be set alight in their villages. There is generally a separate segment where fire can be lit at the top section of the totem, while directly underneath this, one can often find bone ornaments adorning the middle section of the totem alongside a series of inscriptions marking the very bottom. This is to represent the Wilder Tribes’ sacred relationship between the God of Fire, the God of Death, and the living.

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