The Wilder Nation
July 7th, 2022

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The Wilder Nation is spread throughout the south eastern regions of Oro. The Wilder Nation’s largest tribe, the Clan of Bones, was established a mere 1000 years ago, making it one of the youngest tribes on Oro. People of the Wilder Nation were seen as undevout in the eyes of Oro’s other inhabitants, and were not taken seriously until their invasion of and eventual triumph over one of Oro’s strongest nations, the people of Pantheon, a feat which earned them newfound respect across Oro. The three main tribes of the Wilder Nation are the central Clan of Bones, the northern Clan of Ore who are heavily involved with the Pantheon, and the southern Clan of Beast Blood who remain hidden amongst the “Forest of Whispers”.

The oracle abilities of the Wilder Nation far surpass those of any other tribe on Oro, so much so it is seen as being instinctual or essentially innate to their people. People of the Wilder Nation do not require any form of ritual or organ transferral to realise their divine abilities. Despite these uncanny abilities, their people are still labelled as undeveloped by many of Oro’s other tribes, a misconception that spurs from sheer ignorance and lack of understanding towards the Wilder Nation. There is no telling what great possibilities and endless potential lies in wait for members of the Wilder Nation who are first to awaken after the Great Sealing. 

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