The Wilder Nation (II)
July 10th, 2022

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Class system

The class system of The Wilder Nation is not bound by the same degree of order and logic as Oro’s other tribes. However, members of the Wilder Clans on Oro can primarily be distinguished as belonging to one of three following groups: 

Divine Chiefs: The highest class of citizen in any Wilder Clan. Shrouded in mystery and deeply revered by other members of the Wilder Tribes, Divine Chiefs are typically identifiable by their heterochromatic irises, and are naturally endowed with or inherit divine abilities that allow them to call upon and channel the power of the elements and Oro’s deities. Other members of the Wilder Nation who have come to posses equally potent abilities via other means are scarce, however it is rumoured that there is a Devine Chief amongst the Clan of Beast Blood who was gifted with such abilities after passing through the Trials of the Three Ancient Trees.  

Seekers: Comparable to the middle class of the Wilder Nation.  Seekers are gifted with potent abilities that allow them to easily channel the power of Oro’s elements and many deities. They are treated favourably by other members of the clan, who often express these sentiments through the gift of luxurious offerings. 

Other: The remainder of the Wilder Nation consists of various miscellaneous social classes, most of whom earned their equipment and clothing from triumph in combat. Despite being noticeably disordered, this is the class composing and supporting the majority of the Wilder Nation. These members of the Wilder Tribes became particularly active during the Era of the Awakenings, and should not be seen as a force to be underestimated or reckoned with.

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