The Seekers #2 - Seekers of The Wilder Nation

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It is not well known that people of the Wilder Nation possess some of the strongest oracle abilities amongst all Oralians. As the Wilder Nation only started to unify their tribes at the end of these last million years, a universal language amongst their people has yet to be established, forcing them to instead rely upon their divine abilities in order to communicate with one other. 

In the Era following the Great Sealing, It was also these divine abilities that allowed the Wilder Nation to become the first group of Seekers to communicate with our world and be re-awoken.  Other Oralians often marvel at how members of the Wilder Tribes were the first to Awaken despite being viewed as one of the least developed nations on Oro. There are even some Wilder Tribes who refer to themselves as “Loy” in their native tongues, essentially “Fools favoured by the gods”. 

Members of most clans belonging to the Wilder Nation choose to adorn themselves with animal bones and tattoos, a custom tying back to their relationship with the Gods of Fire and Death, both of whom have earnt their worship throughout the ages. 

In contrast, those belonging to the Clan of Beast Blood instead choose to cover themselves with animal skins in order to represent their ethos of pursuing coalescence with nature and the importance of upholding balance in the natural world. The Clan of Ore have also developed their own unique customs of favouring smelted metals and alloys over animal adornments. 

Members of the Wilder Tribes are adept at using close combat weapons such as spears, swords, blunt instruments and daggers. Some highly skilled members of the Wilder Clans are also versed in using magic. 

No matter their tribe, one truth that remains true for all Wilder Clans is that members of the Wilder Nation—both individual and collective—are mighty warriors not to be reckoned with, and are a significant part of Oro’s history worthy of our pride and respect.

One can only imagine what epic adventures await these Seekers in the events of this new era about to unfold…

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