The Seekers #1
July 2nd, 2022

Despite the travesty and chaos on Oro leading up to the Great Sealing, this tragic series of events does not mark the end of Oro’s story, rather, it is merely the beginning of something far greater about to unfold. 

Oro is reaching out in the dark and trying to communicate with our world. As soon as a connection is established between our own souls and those of the sleeping warriors on Oro, they can finally be awoken to fulfil their role as “Seekers” and mark a new era of life for Oro’s future. Most Seekers have lost their memories of life on Oro before the Great Sealing. They will begin their new lives after awakening on Oro, where they will fight for survival, explore their surroundings and create their own legions while striving to prove their power and loyalty to the gods in order to unveil the secrets behind the deities’ departure and solve the mystery of The Great Sealing.

Each Seekers belongs to a different nation on Oro. The intensity of their intrinsic connection to our world varies for each Seeker depending on which part of Oro they are from. The first group of warriors to awaken belong to the Wilder Clan, a tribe whose roots lie in the South Eastern regions of Oro where they worship the gods of fire and death.

Gods of fire and death
Gods of fire and death
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