Oro #1
June 24th, 2022

“Oro” is an Elysian land of unmatched beauty. The natural world of this ethereal realm is intrinsically connected to and dearly cherished by all of its celestial inhabitants. 

The myriads of intelligent beings spread throughout Oro flourished and thrived under the divine protection of the gods, and eventually established unique communities of their own across the land. 

However, the mysterious properties woven throughout every ounce of soil and air on this Oralian oasis are also what trapped its powerful deities in perpetual conflict with one another.  

Oro’s thearchy was first governed by three supreme beings, under whose rule lived twenty seven deities and thousands of divine envoys, also known as oracles. 

Before the tragic events of the Great Sealing had come to pass, Oro’s inhabitants were divided by nine nations across the land. Thousands of fearsome warriors belonged to each of these nations, some of who were ordinary citizens of Oro, and some of who had already begun to develop divine abilities of their own. Amongst these enigmas were a number of oracles so powerful they could even communicate with the gods to seek their blessings and sublime protection.

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