March 21st, 2022

As the world’s first NFT aggregator, Genie empowers users by helping them discover, collect, and sell across multiple NFT marketplaces. Genie has seen explosive traction  since our launch in November 2021: we have exchanged over 120K in ETH volume ($400M USD) while saving time, effort, and gas for over 26,000 users. 

We believe that we are in the early innings of a major economic transformation, and we see continued growth and innovation on the horizon. Over the next few years, thousands of marketplaces and applications — each with their own focus, community, and incentive structure — will be created. Genie is determined to be a net-positive protocol for all of these players and the end users who interact with them.

Today, we’re proud to share Genie 2.0, a massive step towards that vision. We’ve built a beautiful product that comes with an elevated browsing experience, easier purchasing, and gas savings up to 40%. 

November 16th, 2021


The world economy is becoming increasingly digital. NFT marketplaces will be as common as today’s online stores with most brands having their own primary marketplaces. However, user experience will decrease as more marketplaces launch since discovery will become more difficult. Therefore, the NFT ecosystem needs a positive sum protocol that will route supply and demand efficiently for users.

Genie’s mission is to build the Metaverse’s aggregator so that citizens can access all liquidity and information regardless of its location. Genie will deliver immutable wishes whether you’re interacting with our interface or making a voice command in a virtual world. A fragmented world needs an aggregator. The Metaverse needs a Genie.

The Genie team would like to introduce you to two products that reimagine the NFT ecosystem, Genie Swap and Genie List.