Introducing Genie: The Metaverse's Aggregator


The world economy is becoming increasingly digital. NFT marketplaces will be as common as today’s online stores with most brands having their own primary marketplaces. However, user experience will decrease as more marketplaces launch since discovery will become more difficult. Therefore, the NFT ecosystem needs a positive sum protocol that will route supply and demand efficiently for users.

Genie’s mission is to build the Metaverse’s aggregator so that citizens can access all liquidity and information regardless of its location. Genie will deliver immutable wishes whether you’re interacting with our interface or making a voice command in a virtual world. A fragmented world needs an aggregator. The Metaverse needs a Genie.

The Genie team would like to introduce you to two products that reimagine the NFT ecosystem, Genie Swap and Genie List.

Introducing Genie Swap

Genie Swap is the first ever NFT marketplace aggregator on Ethereum. Genie users can buy, sell, and trade across all major NFT marketplaces in a single transaction — whether it’s one or twenty NFTs. Genie supports ERC-721s on OpenSea, NFTX, NFT20, and Rarible. (ERC-1155 support coming next week)

Genie Swap has undergone intensive private beta testing since August. 631 users have completed over 1,600 transactions with a total value over 5,500 ETH in volume. (Dune Analytics)

Genie Swap users leverage four major benefits:

  1. All major marketplaces in one interface
  2. Batch buy and sell in a single transaction
  3. Gas savings when batch buying and selling
  4. More efficient routing when buying and selling

Get started with Genie Swap or read the tutorial.

Introducing Genie List

Genie List allows you to batch list your NFTs for sale on one or more marketplaces simultaneously. Currently, Genie List supports OpenSea and Rarible with Coinbase support coming soon. Genie List is the fastest way to list your NFTs for sale.

Buyers are becoming fragmented as more marketplaces launch. Genie List allows sellers to maximize their listings’ exposure by creating Meta Listings. Meta Listings are batch listings across multiple marketplaces. Meta Listings will lead to faster sales and meeting the seller’s desired price.

Get started with Genie List or read the tutorial.

What’s Next for Genie?

  1. ERC-1155 Support
  2. Integrate More Marketplaces
  3. More Surprises!

Happy Sweeping! 🧞 🧹

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