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With our first Music Video Game launch on the horizon, we thought we would take a moment to re-introduce ourselves, our team, and our why

So… Who is Nvak Collective and how are we operating as a record label in the Web3 space? Let’s get into it. 

Our Founding Team

Pronounced “nuuh-vaak,” Nvak Collective is run by creators, for creators. We are some of the top songwriters, producers, and creatives in music. We take artist development seriously, and pride ourselves on the high-quality content that we put out into the world. Here’s a quick snapshot of our founding team:

  • Tamar Kaprelian - Artist, entrepreneur, and 20-year music industry veteran. A Phi-Beta-Kappa graduate of Columbia University, she signed her first major recording contract with Clive Davis at the age of 17; and her second to Jimmy Iovine after honing her craft with some of LA’s top songsmiths. Tamar then took her experience and fused it with social impact, music, and technology to build Nvak.

  • Alex Salibian - Hit record producer and songwriter best known for co-producing Harry Styles’s debut album, Alex has collaborated with artists such as Young the Giant, The Head and the Heart, Jess Glynne, Mikky Ekko, and Elle King. Combined, his songs have amassed more than 2.5 billion streams.

  • Tamir Diab - Tamir Diab is an award-winning Computer Graphics Supervisor who has brought Hollywood hits like Avatar, The Jungle Book, Iron Man 3, and more to the silver screen. Building CG teams through poised and respectful leadership, he works closely with artists and leads from all departments on asset builds, surfacing, layout, animation, FX, lighting, and compositing in order to bring dreams to life.

Our Ethos

Nvak Collective operates as a record label, artist advocacy collective, publishing and management company that is utilizing web3 tools to drive change for creators, and our nonprofit arm, Nvak Foundation, brings music education, mentorship, and direct grants for critical needs like mental health care to artists around the world. We’re industry veteran hitmakers, creators first, and hyper-focused on building a more artist-friendly industry.

Our team has decades of industry experience, and after having gone through all of the ups and downs of the business, decided there must be a better operating system. We’re dedicated to channeling our negative industry experiences into real change for future generations, and aim to make the music industry more equitable, profitable, and diverse.

Our Roster

At the core of our mission is the belief that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity isn’t. With this in mind, we super-serve women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ talent from emerging markets. Our current roster includes:

Rosa Linn - An Armenian artist, songwriter, and producer Nvak discovered in the small Armenian town of Vanadzor in 2019. Since then with Nvak’s support, Rosa has garnered over 1B+ streams, competed at Eurovision, and will be opening up on tour for Ed Sheeran and Young the Giant in summer 2023. 

Sample Tracks:

Annika Rose -  LA-based artist and songwriter who is fully embracing web3 to create greater extensions of her artwork and engage with her biggest fans. Since entering into the space, she has sold out music and video NFTs within minutes and built community through a unique POAP campaign. Annika’s largest project to date - the “Bruises” Music Video Game - is out May 2023. Pre-Save it here. 

Sample Tracks:

Talia Lahoud - Songwriter, producer, and artist based in Batroun, Lebanon. A classically trained guitarist, Talia Lahoud has amassed over 100M views on TikTok, and is set to make her web3 debut over the next few months. 

Sample Tracks:

Alongside our intensive investment into individual artists, we spearhead emerging marketing music camps for cohorts of female, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ artists in regions around the world like Armenia, Malawi, Israel, and more. In 2023-2024, Nvak is headed to Ghana, Armenia, and Egypt, and will come out of each intensive with 12-15 original tracks to be released as music NFTs

Our Work in Web3

Nvak Collective believes that “web2” and web3 work in tandem. It is not one versus the other, but instead a combination of tool sets that help artists to grow and sustain their careers over the long-term. Web3 and the blockchain, when utilized properly, offer artists entirely new ways to share their stories, engage with their fanbases, and build alternative revenue streams.  That being said, each artist on our roster embraces web3 at different levels, dependent upon their individual interests, goals, and fan communities. 

Prior to any artist entering into the space, we focus on education for a period of months, helping the artist to discover what they resonate with the most and ultimately design their own project goals in partnership with Nvak leadership. 

Here are a few of the different ways in which Nvak Collective is embracing web3:

Music Video Games

Spearheaded by Nvak’s Chief Computer Graphics Officer, Tamir Diab, our Music Video Games are an innovation of the music video and video game, reinventing direct-to-fan engagement and music consumption for the better. Like the traditional music video, they’re narrative-driven to tell the story of a song, but incorporate game-play elements, on-chain fan clubs & fan status, and evolve over time. For a deeper understanding of Music Video Games and how they work, see Nvak’s whitepaper here

Pre-Save the “Bruises” Music Video Game here. 

Content NFTs

Our roster releases a portfolio of NFTs as community-building & fan engagement assets throughout their project lifecycles, such as:

  • Music NFTs

  • Ticket NFTs

  • Merch NFTs

  • Video NFTs

Royalties & Revenue Splits

True innovation takes experimentation, risk-taking, and collaboration; a community of passionate individuals coming together to bring a new idea to life.

You may have noticed by now that the splits on our projects are larger, more varied, and complicated than most in the web3 music space. That’s because Nvak Collective compensates all contributors on a project, offering royalties in perpetuity, whether it’s the visual artist who designed the cover art of a music NFT, the mixer on a track, or the Unreal Engine 5 specialist who brought the music video game animation to life. 


Nvak Collective is building publicly and transparently in order to offer other industry stakeholders a model they can replicate on their own, understanding that real change does not happen in a silo. Over the next few months, we’ll be diving deeper into our Music Video Games, our mission as a label, and where we’re headed. We hope to push the boundaries of what blockchain technology can unlock for artists, music consumption, and direct-to-fan engagement. 

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