The State of the Nation community call

On Thursday, 22nd September at 4:30pm UTC, Nation3 will hold its first ever State of the Nation community call.

The goal of the call is to crystallize the vision behind Nation3 and align the community towards actionable objectives.

The first edition of the State of the Nation call will be led by contributors Luis Cuende, Anastasiya Belyaeva, and 0xGallego and will cover the following agenda:

  • The urgency for challenging trad state system and problems we need to solve.

  • Nation3 as an online-first, zero-tax nation with its own jurisdiction, court and system of law.

  • The masterplan for building a critical mass of citizens, growing the treasury and expanding into the physical realm.

  • A dive-in on the world’s first internet-native system of law.

  • The Nation3 stack and investment opportunities in the space.

  • What’s next.

Sneak peek
Sneak peek

Attendance for all community calls will be typically limited to Nation3 citizens only. However, to mark the first edition of the State of the Nation calls, in addition to citizens, 20 spaces will be reserved for holders of this post’s NFT.

If you are not a citizen, you can claim one of the 20 NFTs of this blog post before Thursday, 22nd September, and get a chance to get a glimpse of what Nation3 is building.

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