September 19th, 2022

On Thursday, 22nd September at 4:30pm UTC, Nation3 will hold its first ever State of the Nation community call.

The goal of the call is to crystallize the vision behind Nation3 and align the community towards actionable objectives.

The first edition of the State of the Nation call will be led by contributors Luis Cuende, Anastasiya Belyaeva, and 0xGallego and will cover the following agenda:

  • The urgency for challenging trad state system and problems we need to solve.

  • Nation3 as an online-first, zero-tax nation with its own jurisdiction, court and system of law.

  • The masterplan for building a critical mass of citizens, growing the treasury and expanding into the physical realm.

  • A dive-in on the world’s first internet-native system of law.

  • The Nation3 stack and investment opportunities in the space.

  • What’s next.

September 6th, 2022

We are happy to announce that Nation3 became the world's first cloud nation issuing a sovereign on-chain bond. The Nation3 DAO approved issuing a bond with $NATION as collateral on PWN — a platform for crypto loans with any kind of collateral, co-founded by a Nation3 citizen.

The Nation3 DAO bootstrapped itself issuing $NATION, and its treasury is well over $30m at the time of writing.

Thanks to that, the Nation3 DAO has started funding contributors that are building and maintaining (1, 2, 3, 4) services for citizens. But they get fully paid in $NATION right now, which is not ideal given its nascent liquidity.

People have bills to pay, and the DAO must go on

May 30th, 2022

Much has happened in this last month since the launch of $NATION.

A whole community rallying around the Nation3 manifesto has emerged and started to self-organize towards building a cloud nation.

Today, we are proud to reach the next key milestone in such a journey: to release the Nation3 Genesis passports.

The community voted to release 420 Genesis passports that will be claimable for those holding 2 $veNATION or more. More than 66% of the $NATION circulating supply has already been locked for $veNATION, possibly in preparation for this passport launch.

April 20th, 2022

Yesterday, an intrepid group of chain explorers discovered what became the final $NATION deployment. They discovered a Balancer pool, which was seeded with minimal liquidity — required to fully initialize a Balancer pool — and so $NATION price discovery started, even before launch. Nation3 network valuation hit more than $500m, which on paper would have given the DAO nearly half a billion to fulfill the vision outlined in the Nation3 manifesto.

Even before launch, the thesis is proving right: we can use Web3 and cryptoeconomic incentives to build networks that can supersede traditional nation states. Cloud nations can become the new fabric of our society and kickstart a new era of progress and prosperity.

It would be unthinkable for an unborn Internet country to build a $500m warchest. Nation3 is still far from that — it only reached such numbers for a brief few minutes and without much liquidity. But the fact that it’s possible to bootstrap a cloud nation that can achieve critical mass in years, instead of centuries, is fascinating.

Today, $NATION launches. Nation3 is a sovereign cloud nation. We are building a community of like-minded people creating a nation on the cloud. This community is held together by the Nation3 manifesto, and from today onwards, by its own community currency, $NATION.