Genesis Passports launched

Much has happened in this last month since the launch of $NATION.

A whole community rallying around the Nation3 manifesto has emerged and started to self-organize towards building a cloud nation.

Today, we are proud to reach the next key milestone in such a journey: to release the Nation3 Genesis passports.

The community voted to release 420 Genesis passports that will be claimable for those holding 2 $veNATION or more. More than 66% of the $NATION circulating supply has already been locked for $veNATION, possibly in preparation for this passport launch.

Genesis passports are non-transferable NFTs that represent Nation3 citizenship.

Nation3 citizens will help govern the Nation3 DAO and have privileged access to the nation’s resources and services — like participating in gated channels on Discord or directly claiming tasks on Dework.

If you are a community member and hold $NATION, go lock up your tokens and claim one of the limited Genesis passports! 👇

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