So, You Want to Start a Web3 Marketplace? Build it with 4K Protocol.

The whispers around Web3 and the future of commerce have grown into a roar. At this point, nearly everybody has heard about crypto, NFTs, and the power of the blockchain to revolutionize traditional industries. Nike’s massive acquisition of RTFKT, Adidas’s ambitious “Into the Metaverse” project, and Tiffany & Co’s sold-out “NFTiff” pendants all demonstrate that Web3 is here to stay.

So how can brands, existing marketplaces, or new entrants to the e-commerce space get started? And why should they invest resources into this emerging field of innovation?

4K Protocol is here to make this transition easy. We provide the fundamental infrastructure to quickly bring physical inventories on-chain, opening the door to new markets, additional revenue streams, and jaw-dropping forms of customer engagement.

Physically-Backed NFTs as a Service

Bringing physical inventories into Web3 is hard. Coding smart contracts, minting NFTs, and ensuring trust are major challenges to both newcomers and incumbents alike.

But much like how Shopify, Stripe, and Webflow reimagined the building blocks of e-commerce with specialized software packages, 4K Protocol is doing the same for Web3. We call it Physically-Backed NFTs as a Service.

Physically-Backed NFTs as a Service means that tying your inventory to the blockchain is as simple as connecting a crypto wallet and shipping your items to a storage facility in our decentralized Guardian network. Once your items are received, we’ll mint a collection of Physically-Backed NFTs representing those items.

Brands and influencers like 9dcc and gmoney trust 4K Protocol to power the backend marketplace logistics for their tokenized merchandise offerings.

What’s in a 4K NFT?

NFTs aren’t just a buzzword. They are the underlying technology allowing for digital ownership rights of assets on the Internet. Merging NFT technology with Real World Assets unlocks new forms of value creation that will fundamentally disrupt e-commerce as we know it.

4K NFTs represent a few key upgrades from traditional items bought and sold online:

Provenance: What does the lifecycle of an item look like post-sale? Provenance refers to the ability to easily track transaction history, price action, and downstream demand across secondary markets.

Interoperability: No man is an island. Now, the same is true for physical assets. 4K NFTs are interoperable across the entire Web3 ecosystem. Earn extra income by plugging your inventory into DeFi lending protocols, like we did with an IRL Rolex and

Tokenized Merch: Selling your items as Physically-Backed NFTs creates unparalleled opportunities for customer loyalty and engagement. Owning a branded NFT of a T-shirt, for example, could act as an access pass for future merch drops, online communities, or events. Learn how Gmoney and 9dcc partnered with 4K Protocol for their ITERATION-01 fashion line.

Building with 4K Protocol

You can think of 4K Protocol as a new building block for any Web3 application that utilizes of Real World Assets. Brands, Marketplaces, and Collectors all use 4K Protocol as a way to bring physical assets on-chain to create new experiences for their customers. By handing off the technical challenges around minting, redemptions, and logistics, 4K Protocol frees you up to focus on building the things that matter.

Imagine a tokenized marketplace where users can buy vintage wine as NFTs. What if we could bring classic cars on-chain to buy and sell with more efficiency? Web3-native fashion houses could soon take on major luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada.

Once you mint a collection of 4K Physically-Backed NFTs, you can easily plug them into a new or existing marketplace website with just a few lines of code. Alternatively, you can list the items across traditional NFT aggregation sites like Opensea, making it a breeze to find new audiences and customers.

It’s Time to Get Started

As the world continues waking up to the massive potential of Web3, there has never been a better opportunity to get ahead of the curve. 4K Protocol offers plug-and-play minting, redemption, and logistics services to bring your brand into Web3. If you’re ready to build the next great Web3 e-commerce marketplace, tokenize your merchandise, or bring your brand into Web3, reach out to us today at

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