AGLD is building Autonomous Worlds [part 3: What]

We previously discussed the how, and why, now we’ll talk about what AGLD will be building to help cultivate and facilitate the growth of Autonomous Worlds in the Lootverse.

We envision a future where projects have the tools and platforms they need to shape the worlds and environments. With a strong focus on empowering autonomy, AGLD aims to provide a variety of platforms and tools that enable autonomous world builders to thrive and create immersive digital experiences.

One of the initiatives undertaken by AGLD DAO is the development of an NFT minting platform specifically tailored for autonomous worlds. This platform will allow creators to mint their digital assets as NFTs, establishing ownership, authenticity, and scarcity.

In addition to the NFT minting platform, AGLD DAO will aim to build a suite of complementary tools and services. These tools will facilitate the creation, customization, and management of on-chain land, avatars, goods, and other digital assets. Builders will have access to intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, enabling them to design and develop their autonomous worlds with ease. AGLD recognizes the importance of empowering builders with the necessary resources and capabilities to bring their creative visions to life.

NFT Minting Platform and Launchpad

Community Engagement and Interactivity: By building a NFT minting platform we can foster vibrant communities around digital assets. It can offer interactive features like auctions, bidding, and social platforms where creators and collectors can engage directly. This level of community involvement enhances the overall experience, strengthens relationships, and contributes to the growth and exposure of creators and their work.

  • Cross-Game Utility and Composability: The potential for on-chain games to use and apply these digital assets creates valuable utility and limitless applications. Beyond this, NFTs can be composed uniquely across games giving it unlimited applications.

  • Innovation and Expansion of Digital Economy: The ability to tokenize and trade these digital assets introduces new economic possibilities, allowing creators and collectors to explore novel avenues for creativity, monetization, and collaboration.

  • Price Discovery and Market Economics: An open censorship-proof NFT ecosystem allows newcomers to discover the value that game participants have assigned to the Autonomous World. Engaging with a game’s economy without even participating in the game loop can become an entire activity in and of itself.

Game Console and Discovery

  • Lootverse Titles: By using the selection criteria we highlighted in the last piece, we will cultivate and grow any Autonomous Worlds, with special focus being given to projects built on top of the Loot Universe with Loot principles.

  • Game Activity: With the game console users can get a quick overview of the game and all the emergent gameplay that’s coming out of it. Recent news, articles, and user-generated content will all be listed so that users can discover the perfect experience for them.

  • Instant experiences in Browser: For many of the games and experiences can be experienced directly in the browser, without having to download or install anything. And the ecosystem will also be including on-ramp and off-ramp solutions, and improvements in the bridging experience so that entering the world is quick and easy.

Loot Chain will continue to deliver products and experiences to enhance the discoverability and user experience of Autonomous Worlds. Although Autonomous Worlds and FOCG are self-sustaining and self-governing, we can help with the distribution of assets, user onboarding, discovery, and first gameplay through experiences.

In the future, we’ll be including prediction markets that games can use to bet on outcomes, a DEX and liquidity options, and gamer tags and profiles so that users can create their identity within the Loot Chain and collect achievements from the games.

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