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The official DAO of Adventure_Gold token. Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoldAdventure Discord: https://discord.gg/WMXwkcGnNk
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Oasys and AGLD DAO form a Partnership to Foster Onchain Gaming in Support of Autonomous Worlds

Adventure Gold DAO
September 13
Singapore, Sep 12 - Oasys, a blockchain optimized for gaming, is excited to partner with Adventure Gold DAO (AGLD DAO), marking a significant leap towards creating a dynamic joint ecosystem. This partnership is set to revolutionize the development landscape of fully on-chain games, bolstering the growth of the Autonomous World narrative.
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AGLD DAO and ARPA Randcast reach a strategic partnership

At AGLD DAO and Loot Chain we’ve never stopped thinking about the problems that developers face, and today we are excited to announce the partnership with ARPA Randcast, a verifiable and secure random number generation tool. With this strategic partnership, all of the autonomous world builders on Loot Chain will have a trusted and reputable company providing them with a VRF for use in their in-game logic. In addition, the Randcast tool is available on multiple chains, provides fee estimates, and is designed for high availability.
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AGLD is building Autonomous Worlds [part 3: What]

We previously discussed the how, and why, now we’ll talk about what AGLD will be building to help cultivate and facilitate the growth of Autonomous Worlds in the Lootverse.
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AGLD is building Autonomous Worlds [part 2: How]

We previously discussed why we are building the Autonomous Worlds in part 1 of this series of articles. In this article, we are going to discuss "how" we are building the Autonomous Worlds. We will discuss our values & principles and will explain how that leads to our methodologies and preferences for cultivating an economy of autonomous worlds.
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Loot Chain announcement

We are thrilled to announce that the Adventure Gold (AGLD) DAO is launching the Loot Chain, a dedicated layer 2 blockchain for the Loot community. This development is a significant step towards uniting the Loot community and reviving the Lootverse. The Adventure Gold DAO has been building to serve our ultimate mission: to incentivize the Lootverse. The Loot Chain solves the challenges of gas fees and sovereignty, which allows us better execute our mission.
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AGLD is building Autonomous Worlds [part 1: Why]

An Autonomous World (AW) is a digital space owned, controlled, and operated by a decentralized network of individuals interacting on a blockchain, not by any centralized entities. This overarching concept, as explained in a Wired article, represents a shift from traditional online spaces governed by corporations to decentralized platforms where users have control and ownership. In short, Autonomous World is a self-governing, decentralized digital ecosystem.

DWF Labs pledged to support the AGLD ecosystem

The AGLD community has entered into a long-term financial support deal with DWF Labs, the digital asset market maker, and multi-stage web3 investment firm. DWF Labs recognizes the AGLD ecosystem’s strong positioning within the Autonomous World builders community and is providing support towards accelerating that movement, with the upcoming launch of the Loot chain.
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A proposal to build the Loot Chain - a Lootverse specific L2

Loot is originally launched on the Ethereum L1. Scalability has always been an issue until the emergence of L2s. For the average Loot holders, the gas fee might not be a huge problem, since an OG Loot is expensive enough to justify the gas cost of securing it on L1. However, for holders of other Lootverse NFTs that are not as expensive, the gas fee becomes a tremendous problem.

AGLD 2022 Roadmap

An active community has formed around AGLD since day one. We build on nights and weekends out of our full-time job voluntarily. Yeah, it’s slow but it’s coming along. We deeply appreciate the community and this roadmap has been the first post on what is happening and what is going to happen. The progress of AGLD for the past few months is impossible without the effort from @WillPapper, @Hill79025920, @garythung, @MHCGBIC, and other community members who contributed to the token economics proposal and Lootverse integration. We are now excited to share this 2022 roadmap with the AGLD community.