Introducing Akuma Origins
March 9th, 2022
  1. The origin of Akuma
  2. Exploring the foundation of Akuma
  3. Our roadmap and vision
  4. Details about our creative endeavors
  5. Future of Akuma
  6. Official links

Origin Story

In a distant universe, we witness a brave species called Yokai - folk known around the universe for their skills in battle, loyalty to the shogun and their brothers and sisters in arms. The vibrant realm attracts plenty of travellers, merchants, and fortune seekers.

One of these souls is a legendary travelling merchant crafting weapons and jewellery, wielded by the bravest Yokai. During one of the merchant's travels, he was caught in a gruelling thunderstorm. Forced to seek refuge in a nearby cave, he stumbled across a huge vein of very shiny and strong ore - something never seen before. Unbeknownst to him, the ore was an ancient prison holding an evil spirit. While hastily mining the ore, he released the ancient spirit known as Akuma.

The quality of weapons and jewellery crafted from this ore was never seen before in the Realm. These pieces were highly sought-after artefacts by the wealthiest and bravest Yokai. Unbeknownst to them the curse that every piece held. Akuma was waiting in the shadows for the perfect moment to execute the curse.


Foundation of Akuma

Around the end of September 2021, the idea of Akuma was created by Mateo Almonte and Bernard D. also known by the alias of the Gatekeeper. While exploring the outlines of Akuma we realised there is a huge gap between the virtual and physical world. We understand the importance of the cross-over between these worlds and we truly believe to bridge these two together.

Community is the foundation of growth, with the majority of growing Akuma in an organic way, we realised it would be essential to deliver rewarding and valuable assets to the community without any compromise in the quality of our art.

With this philosophy in mind, we created Akuma Origins. Our goals will always be for the community, we truly believe in the importance of the community, the vision we have towards it, and the voice of our members. Moving forward, Akuma aims to innovate together with the community.

Collection size

The Yokai will be released across the metaverse in limited quantity. Our collection will consist of 8888 Yokai. The majority of this collection, being 6666 spots, will be allocated to whitelisted community members. Our whitelist consists of handpicked community members that truly believe in our vision, (community-) artists, and partnerships with exclusive communities.

Release and mint price

Currently, we are aiming to launch the project 31st March. However, this can change down the line. Our release will be held in two phases:

  • Whitelist mint

    Whitelist mint will be open for 24 hours. This way we can provide a nice window for our members across the world to mint at low gas.

  • Public mint

    When the whitelist mint is conducted, the remaining whitelist stock will be allocated to the pool for public sale.

Mint price for both whitelist and public mint will be equal and set at 0.08 Ether (Ξ) + gas cost. Our smart contract will be implementing the gas-efficient 721A-token.
EDIT: Our mint price and supply have been changed to 5555 and 0.055 Ξ respectively. You can read everything about it in this article

What’s next?

After we had our mint phase we will announce the reveal of the Yokai. Behind the scenes, we will conduct the final checks to make sure we deliver the best possible quality art and validate that every Yokai is truly unique.


Our roadmap will be released in the next few days. Our main focus is to deliver ‘phygital’ - a mix between physical and digital - value to holders. Topics on the roadmap include:

  • Airdrops
  • Physical and digital artwork
  • Artbook with Akuma concept art
  • Collectible toys
  • Akuma vinyl records
  • Fashion/Merchandise
  • Metaverse elements
  • Much more that is currently in the works

We try to deliver real value to holders and investors by innovation and the combination of physical and digital assets. The community is our number one priority. We listen, understand and adapt to the strong voice of our community.


Quality of delivery

As mentioned before, one of our biggest focuses is to deliver the highest quality. Our artwork and story is created by a very talented artist with a long and diverse portfolio, with experience in multiple fields and working together with artists like RhymezLikeDimez, Defaced Studios, Cochise, Off Canny, Jack Manifold, and many more. You can find a detailed list of Mateo’s work below this article.

Each trait featured in our Yokai is designed by hand and carefully generated by a custom algorithm to make sure every single Yokai is completely unique. We have implemented a system to make sure that no two Yokai’ look alike. Each is individually created and carries its own story.

We think communication and transparency are key in building the future, hence why we want every member to work directly with us on this project by letting the community decide traits and implement community-created designs in our series.

What’s next?

So, now what? We are at the start and with this article, we are laying the foundation for the future of Akuma and its community. Starting today we will update this page regularly with new content regarding the development of Akuma and its community.

Beware of impostors, please make sure you are dealing with the official Akuma media - everything is linked below, all other pages are a scam.

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