SvelteKit Blog that runs on Deno Serverless

Just converted and deployed this blog on Netlify. So I've been exploring svelte, and svelteKit, and I was looking to refresh my old blog that is in a neglected state. When I started this blog was 2007, and then it was of course, a WordPress blog, but I deleted most of the old articles partly because a lot of them were in my native language and also because I didn't feel like they should still be accessible like I said I can admit content was always low frequency and low effort.

So this blog has very few dependencies that's why it can mostly leverage the core JS so that it has the ability to run in many different environments. Now there's not yet a public repo, but this source was written so that it can be used by anybody provided they change the theme.

Many today use a statically generated blog from markdown files, which has ups and downs. There are a few svelteKit blog engines like that out there. But compared to this blog source, they are very simplistic as this source includes an Admin panel, authentication, management of all kinds of blog resources ( post, categories, tags, users), full-text search, pagination, multi-lang, and other stuff yet is not complete and still missing a bit here and there.

In terms of what is under the hood at the moment, it is probably around ~200 files with 15 to 20 routes; I will definitely share the source after I squash all my WIP commits into a new branch.

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