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Welcome! Here we offer insights into Arianee building standards and provide helpful guides for utilizing our protocol and APIs. Enjoy!
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Tracing the Evolution of the Arianee Protocol on-chain!

At Arianee, we harness the power of public blockchain technology to bring transparency, trust, and user empowerment into the way brands manage product lifecycle and interact with their customers. Our path has been marked by a series of decisions regarding the choice of blockchains. This article takes a closer look at the networks that have underpinned our solution to date.

Arianee's Technological Achievements in 2023

Following the NFT fever of 2022, the focus for 2023 shifted towards tooling for builders and enterprise customers. Allow me to pick for you four noteworthy features we shipped this year that are excellent examples of our dedication to our mission. 🌔

Arianee SDK: Empowering Builders to Seamlessly Integrate Arianee Protocol

The recently launched Arianee SDK serves as the foundational framework, facilitating interactions with the Arianee Protocol. It provides developers with a robust and easy-to-use tool, making it effortless to integrate the Arianee Protocol’s features into their applications. 

Arianee’s interactions with the Arianee Protocol and Blockchain

Arianee has further enhanced user experiences in the web3 ecosystem by developing an in-house dApp (decentralized application). Created using ARN and JavaScript libraries, the cutting-edge dApp seamlessly integrates with a remote server, delivering comprehensive web3 services for both ERC-721 tokens and Arianee-specific functionalities. 

Arianee Protocol: Embracing Web3 Ecosystem Through Collections and Verified Identities

In the ever-changing realm of digital assets, Arianee emerges as a visionary leader. The Arianee Protocol has recently witnessed significant advancements with its V2 release, introducing several innovative features that revolutionize how users transact and engage with digital assets. From multi-collection capabilities to robust identity verification, Arianee empowers individuals, brands, and builders to unlock new possibilities in the digital realm.

Celebrating The Arianee Protocol: A Letter from our Founders

Dear clients, members, and community,