Introducing Clips Mode with Ben Kessler — Upload any Audio to Arpeggi Studio

Clips Mode gives you the power to create even more expressive music with Arpeggi Studio. Record a performance, upload it to the Sounds library, and add a human touch—like vocals—to your track. Stretch, transpose, and reverse samples to add energy and nuance to your music. Finally, mint it all as a fully on-chain composition.

To show what Clips Mode now makes possible, we worked with the legendary Indie-Edge-Pop artist Ben Kessler to upload his first song to Arpeggi featuring Clips. Inspired by James Blake, Bon Iver and John Mayer, Ben is a multi-instrumentalist and self producing high-level-creative with an intimate voice—a perfect use-case for Clips Mode. Be sure to share your remixes of his pack with us on Discord. 

Feeling even more adventurous? Record a cover. Or create something entirely new. Following our support for Samples, Clips further unlock the limitless possibilities of creating community audio. Head over to Arpeggi Studio and publish your first Clip →

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