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Ben Westerham

Ben Westerham

Fiction author, writing great stories from just a few words in length right through to full-size novels.
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Memory of Murder

I guess we’ve all had moments in our lives where some unexpected event has triggered memories we had forgotten were even there. Perhaps the smell of someone’s perfume that ignites a memory of a loved one long since departed or a meal that was once a sought-after favourite and moves your taste buds to long for the experience anew.
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Where the Sky meets the Land

Ben Westerham
January 17
Romney Marsh is a large, flat expanse of land on the southern coast of England overlooking the English Channel. Criss-crossed by a seemingly endless maze of dykes and water-filled ditches, and dotted here and there with Medieval churches and old farm buildings, it can feel isolated and cut off from the rest of the world in both time and place.
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Have you ever wondered what it is to feel abandoned and betrayed? If so, have you ever savoured the sweet taste of revenge?
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