Airdrop 2 Recalculated

We have recalculated the Care Package counts for Airdrop 2! The updated calculation includes a fix for legitimate traders caught by the wash trading filters. We also updated the Care Package count to reflect that Airdrop 2 recipients will receive 10x more tokens than Airdrop 1 recipients. Due to the timing of the recalculation, the claim period for Airdrop 2 has been extended to Jan 3.


Wash trading filters

Airdrop 2 had wash trading filters that penalized some legitimate traders. We used heuristics such as wallets that traded back and forth or traded the same token many times. The heuristics detected wash traders, but they also detected real traders who were especially active in the market.

We’ve updated the wash trading filters to incorporate more data points based on a wallet’s comprehensive trading history. We checked these filters against known wash trading addresses and known legitimate addresses. The new filters accurately distinguished between the two groups.

It’s important to note that even with the updated wash filters, having listed on Blur during the Airdrop 2 period did not guarantee an airdrop. Each wallet’s listing activity received a score and was benchmarked against aggregate activity. Not everyone had a high enough score to qualify for Airdrop 2, and loyalty was only used for determining rarity luck and not Care Package count.

Airdrop 2 vs Airdrop 1

In our communications we shared that Airdrop 2 was 10x bigger than Airdrop 1, but it was unclear what that meant. Users were confused about whether each Care Package was worth 10x more or if they would get 10x more Care Packages. To put it simply, Airdrop 2 recipients as a group will receive 10x more tokens than Airdrop 1 recipients. Blur’s UI didn’t make this clear. We’ve since updated the UI to display Care Package counts that more accurately reflect the weight of Airdrop 2 compared to Airdrop 1.

Note: The UI update gives a better indication of the relative weights, but Care Packages between Airdrop 1 and 2 are not 1:1. Airdrop 2 will have 10x more tokens allocated to it than Airdrop 1, but we won’t know how many tokens each package gets until the Airdrop 2 claim period ends.

Moving forward

Airdrop 2 taught us the importance of being extra thorough in calculating airdrop allocations. Airdrop 3 is our final and biggest airdrop (1-2x the size of Airdrop 2). We’ve incorporated an explicit points system so that it’s clear how Care Packages will be awarded. We’ve also published content on how the points system works. We’ll work to be much more explicit in communications moving forward as we work to build the best NFT marketplace for pro traders. You can start earning points for Airdrop 3 now by bidding on Blur!

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