August 9th, 2022

Dear servants of Moloch.  Join us, or reap the punishment of the one you serve.  You, who adorn yourselves in shallow desires, cannot disguise your desperate attempt to hide from your vulnerabilities.  Display your devotion to the enemy of humanity, for that is all you have.

Dear readers of books and fliers of kites.  Dear killers of zombies and wielders of potions.  Dear builders of solutions and creators of art.  We call you, dear slayers of Moloch.  You are one of us and we are with you.  

Moloch, the demon we face, the one who makes you believe that you must take what you can get or go without, he will be slayed.  The war may be futile and yet we fight.  

So let us gather and let us look out for each other.  This is your invitation.

July 30th, 2022

“I hereby deem, you are an expert!” Garrett tried to flatter the woman planting a row of seeds, one isle over.

“Oh.” Sophie tried to sound like she didn’t notice his flirting. “Yeah, thanks.”

“We’ll all appreciate it when it’s time to harvest.” He attempted competence with his seeds. “It’s my second day working here.”

“Nice.” She used the back of her wrist to brush some hair away from her eyes. “It’s my second year. Have you used any tokens yet?”

July 26th, 2022

We had been digging all night.  The grave was massive.  We’ve seen images of it, how humans are about one quarter the size of the demon, but in actuality, Moloch encompassed the entire planet.  It was integrated into so many aspects of how humans interact that it had grown in shape and mass over the centuries, from even before it was named Baal, and most definitely before we recognized Moloch as the demon god of coordination failure.

All around us, as we dug the grave, men and women mourned, with heaving sobs.  The gaping wounds, from the belief that we must take what we can get or go without having been torn from the roots, embedded within their bodies, shone red and clean in the moonlight.

I had a layer of skin, all across my face, yanked away, leaving sore raw hypodermis from my hairline to my clavicle.  We all had a layer of skin removed from our faces, the only difference was in how deep the removal went.  An old woman, digging besides me, had only her epidermis removed, and even then it was only around her mouth, cheeks and forehead, not her eyes, nose, or neck. She giggled as we dug.  I watched her pause to readjust the hoodie tied around her back, just below her tightly bound breasts.  I think her back gave her pain, but she seemed to be having so much fun, like a child in the sand at the beach.

We heard the sirens, escorting the demon’s body, approach as the sunrise began to peak over the distant mountain range.   The grave was already dug and some of us were climbing out of it, while others cleared a path in the piles of dark earth.

July 10th, 2022

Remove the VR and go for a walk.  Your understanding of the metaverse is much closer than complicated virtual spacetime.

If meta includes everything under a category’s umbrella and verse is the acquiring of knowledge, then meta-verse is an all inclusive collection of skills and understandings that anyone can gain from.

Think of the vast universe inside a drop of seawater, or all the nuances of history and culture inside a mythical story.

The Metaverse is thus a storage space of everything from our past, future and present that is collected and maintained by, and for, all of humanity.

December 4th, 2021

How can capital benefit individual, environmental and community needs?

As all good stories begin, this one began at Home Depot. Jon wanted to make something, but couldn’t decide on what. So he asked Twitter, who suggested a fire pit. While we were on Zoom, Jon brought his laptop outside, so I could see it. It’s a circle of chairs, with rocks surrounding the pit and Texas Hill Country all around.

Jon Hills is Caretaker at Cabin. He aspires to be a servant leader, emphasizing his intention to lead by doing, but conjurer of fire might be more fitting. Just as tending a good fire has many considerations, like wood type and wind (and marshmallows), as Cabin’s Caretaker, he continually cultivates ways for the community to gather together and to build great products for each other.

He had to rely on self reflection and asking himself challenging questions.