January 26th, 2022

People seek belonging - not just an isolated conversation, but the ability to build and strengthen relationships across numerous activities. What people really need is community - especially in our increasingly digital-first world. We've written much previously about our increasing desire for connection and how the existing tools supporting our social life aren't cutting it. There is fertile ground upon which to construct better social mechanisms - especially digitally - to bring us back into belonging. What that looks like is what we've spent much of my waking hours exploring.

There are a few major inhibitors that prevent us from coming together like we used to - whether in previous generations or periods in our lives (the latter is a big foreshadowing of what we're working on).

It's a lot of work to be social, in general

We joke about how can we dread many of our social obligations, and prefer a night in, and there's a dark truth to it. The activation energy to be social can seem high when compared to contemporary shortcuts. Why bother going downtown and meeting a few friends, when you can tap a few buttons on your phone and have ramen appear at your door, and others will give you an endless stream of media, specially designed to keep you engaged? How does it make us feel when we do that?