Coleen Chase: Gitcoin Grants Climate Team

Coleen Chase: Gitcoin Grants Climate Team

Passionate about climate action, public goods and social impact.
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Silvi - Gitcoin Grants Climate Case Study

Silvi is helping build economic and coordination tools to contribute to the trillion tree target through: 

GR15: How to Donate to Gitcoin Grants

This document is a collaboration of efforts from several people especially Coleen Chase, Ben West & Ned Horning. Please send suggestions on how to improve this info to coleenchase@gmail.com.
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Why Crypto, Climate & Gitcoin Grants? And Green Pilled....?!

Since joining the Gitcoin Grants Climate team, I often receive incredulous questions from friends and family—even my dogs give me curious looks—all along the same lines: Why Crypto, Why Gitcoin Grants? Can Crypto really help address Climate and other in-real-life (IRL) problems? And what exactly do you mean by taking the green pill?

How to Donate to Gitcoin Grants: A Guide for First-Time Funders

You’ll need a custodial Web3 Wallet such as Metamask. You can watch the video below if you need help setting this up:

Ayowecca Uganda - Gitcoin Grant Climate Case Study