CryptoAnime, Hekonai and You: The Future of Storytelling

We want to tell you a story. It is called Hekonai. It has a beginning but where it ends is up to you.  It will have all the things you need in quality storytelling - interesting characters, unique events, relatable themes, a gamut of emotions, exotic settings, dramatic tension, plenty of excitement - but it will play by its own rules when it comes to the medium(s) it's presented in and the ways it interacts with its audience.

But first, you need to know about the group behind Hekonai. We are called CryptoAnime and we want to change how you experience the art of narrative.

CryptoAnime is designed to leverage the innovations of blockchain technology to introduce new economic models in how anime and manga projects are created and owned. Even better, we will be just as creative when it comes to how these projects are distributed and promoted.

We enable creators in these mediums to propose their projects to members of the crypto and NFT communities in a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).  The project creators get access to support and financing beyond traditional entertainment business methods. NFT holders get early access to the work, interaction with the producers and artists and new business opportunities represented by the projects' NFTs they purchase.

And we're not just here to turn a profit. We're creating a community where supporters and stakeholders can interact with other members, share their views and even contribute their own creativity. We're particularly excited about the last part because we would like our community to be an incubator for talent. CryptoAnime will devote a percentage of the NFT sales proceeds to discover and sponsor the next generation manga/anime-inspired artists and works.


Hekonai is the first narrative to emerge from the CryptoAnime community, a unique story told in a way that can only be termed "meta-narrative." Mirror will be its birthplace and it will be told in 200-word posts, often accompanied by original illustrations, some of them available as limited edition NFTs, or links to other online media designed to enhance your aesthetic experience. The NFTs are an integral part of the storytelling, providing meaning and purpose designed to push this series forward while unlocking new sources of income for the collaborating artists.

The story and digital assets are complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in this meta-narrative format, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another across multiple storylines and universes generated by NFT holders. Sort of like the yin-yang symbol, with each side supporting and feeding into the other until they become indivisible.

We don't want to spoil any of the surprises in Hekonai but we'll tell you this much: it's story of someone who thought he was a forgotten failure until a unique confluence of circumstances gave him a chance to begin again. You'll be there at every step as he tells you the tale of his rebirth in his own words. Don't be surprised if his travels through various interconnected universes challenge your notion of reality.

Without further ado, our first Hekonai story post.

The Hekonai's Journal is an ongoing meta-narrative. If you want to learn how it came to be, check out the introduction post by clicking here. If you want to read from the very first post #0, click here.

Into the Hekonai Journal is a hub aggregating all the published entries for your convenience. You may access this hub by clicking here.

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