Mystery Box Reveal

This one is for our core community members.

The Mystery Boxes have been the most exclusive perks in the CyberConnect & Link3 ecosystem. During the past year where we made stellar progress with Link3, we have given out Mystery Boxes extremely selectively. The Boxes went to only the most dedicated community members, the most active (and also luckiest) campaign participants, top contributors, and the users who have shown the best knowledge and creativity, and fostered genuine personal connections in using Link3.

We’ve said it time and again: we love seeing you all and we are humbled by your tremendous support and passion.

It's been a mystery about how we want to express our gratitude - until now!

The Mystery Boxes can be revealed starting Jan 17 at 6 pm PT ( Jan 18, 9 pm ET / 10 am GMT+8 / 02:00 UTC) at Read on for more details regarding the perks.

This is one of the very first, among many, benefits and privileges we reward to recognize our most valuable community members. And be sure to hold these items as the testaments to our shared journey from early on and keep going down the road with us.

Thank you and best of luck!


Each Link3 Mystery Box contains one Avatar Frame NFT (on Polygon) and one Shard NFT (on Ethereum). There will be different styles and rarities to these NFTs.

Simply head to connect your wallet and Reveal.

The revealing goes live on Jan 17 at 6 pm PT ( Jan 18, 9 pm ET / 10 am GMT+8 / 02:00 UTC).

The Shards

The Shards are the individual pieces of the collective future we are building and will be sharing.

Each Shard NFT is carefully crafted and instilled with future utility. Collectors will want to get their hands on as many of these as they can because they are sure to become valuable assets in the CyberConnect cosmos.

The Shard NFTs have 3 different rarities: 50% Silver, 35% Gold, and 15% Obsidian. There are different “T Values” assigned to each shard of these rarities.

You can hold multiple Shards and these values add up. Shards utility will be announced later this year.

The Shards in different rarities with different T Value ranges
The Shards in different rarities with different T Value ranges

Avatar Frames NFT

Avatar Frames are the recognition of the social status our top community members deserve.

You can use the Avatar Frame NFT to decorate and show off your avatar on Link3. These NFT holders will show up in dedicated sections on top of every list and get featured on There might be many other lists these framed profiles will be on the top of.

The Avatar Frame NFTs have 5 different styles: Black Onyx, Magnetite, Rainbow, Amethyst, and Turquoise.

Web3 social needs some more flairs. Kit up and explore.

Avatar Frames in 5 different styles
Avatar Frames in 5 different styles

Hold your gears tight and venture out again with us. We still have a lot of miles to cover and a whole journey to share with you. See you down the road.

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